Improve your social media strategy for the holidays

Improve your social media strategy for the holidays

Now is the time to look at your Social Media Strategy for the Holidays

Somehow the holidays always sneak upon us and before you know it, it’s Thanksgiving feast with the family and Christmas holiday shopping. It honestly feels like yesterday, when Melissa Sweat wrote the Social Media Holiday Game Plan blog post. It has very relevant and actionable items still so worth checking it out for additional tips. In all this craziness, how do you make sure that your business is ready to put their best foot forward? Here are some tactics to make sure your social media strategy is ready for the holidays while you are enjoying some turkey and quality time with the family.



Facebook contest case study

Case Study: Ski Resort Facebook Contest

Fairly easy to implement and execute, contests can be addictive and entertaining and they get people excited about your business. We loved the Facebook contest we created for Tusker Trail a while back, take a Tusker Trail Facebook Contest. The Truckee Chamber of Commerce user generated contest took on a life of its own and turned into an addictive social media movement. Well worth the effort it took to get it going. Everyone loves free stuff and a chance to win something or belong to a movement so why not capitalize on it and get your business the extra boost it needs this year. In return, you’ll end up with new email addresses, fans and followers you can market to starting in the New Year. Just keep in mind to follow each network’s guidelines for contests and adhere to them.



You have already thought of sales, discounts and promotions for the holiday period, haven’t you? So why not announce all these specials and deals on social media as well? You can make them available on all channels or get a specific deal going on only one thus boosting your fan base and traffic from this channel. Whether you have a holiday sale, a special package or may be a winter promo you can utilize social media to get extra eyes on your offer. Take it a step further with paid social media advertising to give your special an extra boost.

Landing Tahoe Fall Spa Specials

Landing Resort and Spa Fall Specials


Tips for surviving the holidays


When everybody gets crazy, provide a little value to your community by giving them helpful tips for surviving the holidays. If you are a ski resort, make it easy for your guests to find on your website how to deal with the extra crowds and what to do ahead of time. If you are in the public transportation business, provide tips on where and how to buy tickets online. Turn these tips into visual assets and share them on your social networks.


Capitol Corridor Thanksgiving Travel Tips


User – Generated Content

People love to share their experiences so why not encourage them to share their photos of using or experiencing your business. You can then reward them for the effort and share their content on your channels. People love to be featured and you end up with that extra content you need.


You can also come up with various interactive questions that are simple to answer and guaranteed to get people excited, like: “What’s your favorite wintertime cocktail?” Or “What do you do to distress?”, “Favorite holiday meal?”, etc.


Landing Instagram


Cause marketing

People believe in doing good in the world especially around the holidays so partnering up with a local organization is a great way to encourage people to purchase from your business. You can then donate a portion of the proceeds to the charity of your choice. Good for the charity, for people and for you.

cause marketing



Show gratitude towards your customers. If it’s not for them, you won’t be in business. Send your holiday greetings and don’t forget that digital only goes so far. Don’t skip on the traditional greeting cards for your most loyal customers.

Happy Thanksgiving

Feel free to use any of these tactics on your social media over the holidays. Let us know which ones you found the most helpful.

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