[Infographic] – Is Facebook no longer free for brands?

[Infographic] – Is Facebook no longer free for brands?

Facebook used to be free. Not anymore. Facebook continues to change their algorithms making it more and more difficult for brands to reach people in their newsfeed. They claim they are making these changes in order to keep people happy and involved with the social channel. Facebook answered questions about the decline in organic reach on their own website. They claim that there are two main reasons for organic reach decline:

1. More content being created in general. Did you know that on average every time you log into Facebook you could see up to 1,500 stories in your newsfeed? And if you have a lot of friends and like many brands, brace yourself for 15,000 different stories!

2. The second reason is that Facebook is trying to manage content overload by only showing you the news (they think) are most important and relevant to you, so narrowing the number of news in your newsfeed to about 300.

Social marketers are continuing to wonder if paid media is the only way to go with Facebook. Some argue that organic reach is not dead but many brands are reaching on average 7% of their fans (Source: Locowise) and less than 1% are actually engaging with brands’ post.

The entire discussion about falling organic reach can always be found together with what type of media works best for Facebook? Photos, links, thumbnail images, videos?

What are social media marketers supposed to do on Facebook?

Facebook no longer free for brands

1. If you have a great photo to share, share the photo.

2. If you are trying to start a discussion, use text.

3. If you have an excellent piece of news to share, share the link.

4. If you are trying to get people to your website, include a link to your website.

In other words, act normal.

5. Focus on your website. It’s your home. You don’t own Facebook.

6. Invest in Instagram.

7. Email marketing is powerful. Are you using it wisely?

Check out this infographic from Marketo.


The End of the Facebook Free-For-All for Brands

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