Is the Travelocity contest on Facebook good or bad?

Is the Travelocity contest on Facebook good or bad?

Travelocity announced a new contest on Facebook: The roaming Gnome asked you to vote for the next ski trip destination: Lake Tahoe or Utah.

The Good

This is a brilliant idea to get everyone associated with the travel & hospitality industries involved and engaged. It’s working. It’s a friendly competition and visitors bureaus, hotels, ski resorts and local businesses are showing their support and posting the contest on their own websites and Facebook pages.

At the writing of this post, the Travelocity Gnome fan page had 36,277 fans. Not bad at all. In addition to generating fans and buzz on social media, Travelocity is promoting their iPhone app on the page.

The Bad

1. You can vote as many times as you want. I can just imagine people sitting in their offices and clicking away on that button.

2. Travelocity is giving away a ski trip for two as an incentive for people to participate. Excellent idea! The bad – the contest is between Lake Tahoe and Utah and the ski trip is to Colorado??? I feel like they are sending me the message: Don’t go to either Utah nor Lake Tahoe. Head to Colorado – that’s where the best snow is. Very confusing to say the least.

3. My friends in Utah couldn’t access the Facebook page for a while – the application had some bugs that shut it down for some time. Technical difficulties or simply traffic overload.

4. My biggest problem with the contest – Lake Tahoe is only a small part of California and Nevada. Lake Tahoe VS Utah? It doesn’t seem fair to compare a ski destination against a state? Does it?

Overall, the contest is a very good idea for creating buzz on social media. It’s lacking however a little bit in the overall strategy and execution. I’m looking forward to see who’s going to come ahead. Currently, it’s 50% / 50%. Go vote today. I’m also looking forward to seeing the results of how successful the contest is for Travelocity.

Your turn. Did you vote? Do you like it? What do you think?

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  1. Eric Hoffman

      |   reply


    This was a really interesting promotion to watch unfold. It’s certainly a great thing for Travelocity in that, as you noted, they got lots and lots of locals and local tourism groups behind the contest. However, I noticed that it was also definitely a good deal for the local tourism groups because it really gave their evangelists something to rally behind.

    The other item was something I was a bit disappointed in at first, but made more sense as I checked back. This was the fact that you couldn’t see what the ‘score’ was until you voted, again, and again. While I wish they would have put in a total votes counter, it did created re-engagement each time I went back to vote – and I probably came back 15 or 20 times over the course of the contest.

    My take is that this is a successful and engaging contest for Travelocity, but one that I don’t see as being readily transferable to another industry or even brand.

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