Lessons from SMG Technology and Marketing workshop

Lessons from SMG Technology and Marketing workshop

I had the pleasure to present to the Strategic Marketing Group in South Lake Tahoe yesterday. Here’s a short recap of the sessions I attended and a copy of my presentation.

  1. I enjoyed David LaPlante’s presentation.His passion for technology, social sharing, video, content and skiing is addictive and make a big impact on everyone who’s ever seen him speak. On the forefront of technology, geek by heart and skier for life, David talked about the past, present and future of technology. A lot of change is coming to us and it’s happening fast. Stay with the trends or be left out in the cold when it comes to how you do business online.
  2. Jim Scripps gave a great overview of blogging – what it is, how to do it and best practices. It’s quick to set it up and businesses can use to engage online, deal with a PR crisis, help improve their search engine rankings, provide timely updates, use it as a hub for all of their social media efforts and engagement with bloggers.
  3. Michael Kelly from ClickMail Marketing gave an extensive overview on how to best utilize email marketing for organizations with a ton of statistics and best practices. Knowing that the average value of an email address is $120 puts a different light to the email database list of any size.
  4. Jake Fields, from Treeline Interactive spoke passionately about mobile marketing: iPhone apps, mobile advertising, text messages and various applications. Mobile holds a lot of opportunities for the future. As companies enter this new field with many unknowns it’s good to partner with someone that understands it and does it on a daily basis. Treeline Interactive seem to be completely at ease when it comes to speaking mobile advertising.
  5. Finally, here’s the presentation I gave on Facebook and Twitter for business. Someone asked about social media ROI. Here’s a good video touching on the ROI question.
Facebook and Twitter for Business

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How about you?What did you learn at the SMG conference? What else would you have liked to see there?

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  1. Joanne Steele

      |   reply

    Sorry I missed the conference this year. It’s always cutting edge and I truly mean, cutting edge. I remember a few years ago hearing at the conference about this new little online company that was going to revolutionize marketing. The company was Twitter, and the conference allowed me to help clients jump on it before anyone truly realized it’s benefit. Thanks for sharing your presentation!

    • Milena Regos

        |   reply

      Thank you Joanne! It was a great conference. I believe they have another one coming up in June. Check their website for more information. Have a great day!

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