How to create a remarkable marketing campaign

How to create a remarkable marketing campaign

The new Evian Live Young Campaign is funny and engaging

Evian just created a remarkable and clever campaign with a social media component to it. The Evian Live Young campaign was just released today. The video on YouTube had 323 views as of the writing of this blog.  I think the campaign is funny and memorable. The break dancing was done by adults. Babies bodies and faces were used in the commercial. No babies were made to dance :-).

You can see the video below.

What do you think? What goals did Evian set up with this campaign? Do you think it’s going to accomplish the goals?
To see the entire making of the TV commercial check out the EvianLiveYoung website. I feel energized and awake. If that was one of the goals of the campaign I have to say it was successful. I’m not sure it will make me purchase Evian water but I  live in Lake Tahoe where the tap water tastes better than bottle water. I’m fortunate this way.

I have already shared the commercial on my Facebook page and I wrote a blog post about it. I do believe that this campaign will become viral fast. Just wait until all the moms on Facebook and the blogosphere see this! By the time I was done with the blog post, the YouTube video had generated 2,620,643 views! Talk about fast! I didn’t spend more than 25 min writing!

I think this commercial is much more engaging than the previous Water babies commercial from Evian. I like the combination of traditional and online media. You can see the older Evian TV commercial below.

The old commercial so far has generated 91,144 views on YouTube. I’d be interested to see how many views the new spot will be able to generate.

I also found out that Evian just became a sponsor of the 39th Annual Los Angeles LGBT PRIDE Celebration (LA PRIDE) to keep its youth spirit.

You can  read the official press release about the new advertising campaign here.

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