Marketing is an emotional connection

Marketing is an emotional connection

For a brand, one of the best ways to establish a strong connection with customers is by evoking emotions.

For example, what comes to mind when you see the a picture of Paris? Romance, love, passion?

How about when you hear Australia? Easy-going, friendly people, vast country, humor, drinking, amazing outdoors and beautiful cities – all this makes for the perfect vacation after a long airplane trip.  Stories for life are created.

Figure out what story and what emotions you want people to experience and share and tailor your marketing message to it.

In a recent blog post regarding GAP’s latest reorganization and focus, one thing stood out for me: their determination as a company to connect emotionally to their customers. ” We have to put clothes in our stores that our customers emotionally connect to. That’s … a statement of the profoundly obvious. If we don’t do that, nothing else matters.”

Personally, I’ not a big fan of GAP clothes but I like one of their brands, Athleta. When I think Athleta clothes, I see strong, athletic, good looking women in their 20s and 30s. Women who run marathons, compete in various sports, do yoga, ski, snowshoe, paddleboard, mountain bike, golf, play tennis. As a consumer, I see myself through these women and I want to be one of them. I love Athleta clothes. There’s definitely an emotional connection between Athleta’s clothes and me.

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Take an example from a clothing company and apply it to your brand. For a travel and tourism brand, emotion marketing should be very easy. You can emotionally connect with your customers through photos, words, videos and tell the story of your destination, just like Paris or Las Vegas have done successfully. People that visit your destination will proudly show their photos to their friends, hang up photos in their houses, share them with the world through social networks and tell stories for the rest of their lifetime about something funny, surprising, amazing, worth remembering that happened on the trip.

From a marketing perspective, telling a story and emotionally connecting with your customers is an excellent way to create long lasting relationships.

Every company and every brand can do it. Even a company that sells something as trivial as a sharpie. Just take a look at Sharpie’s and their amazingly engaged online community and let your imagination flow.

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