The CEO of Liftopia speaks about Mountain Travel Symposium – get the scoop

The CEO of Liftopia speaks about Mountain Travel Symposium – get the scoop

This is our third and final series of blogs posts prior to Mountain Travel Symposim. In case you missed the previous posts, you can catch up now:

Jeremy Jacobson, Leisure Sales Manager at North Lake Tahoe Resort Association speaking about the upcoming show and parties

Julian Castelli, the CEO of on what to expect from this symposium.

For our third interview, we approached Evan Reece, an old friend and entrepreneur, the co-founder and CEO of

OAM: What do you see as the role of MTS for the mountain travel industry?

Evan R: We have been attending MTS since we founded Liftopia in 2005.  The organizers do a tremendous job bringing the entire ski industry together to execute on current business and learn where things are headed for seasons to come.  Other conferences facilitate really well for the operations side of ski resort business, but no one comes close on the sales and marketing side.

 OAM: How many years have you been going to Mountain Travel Symposium?

Evan R: I first attended MTS as a representative from Hotwire in 2005, my first year was at Squaw Valley in 2006 for Liftopia and we have been every year since.

OAM: What’s your most favorite thing about MTS?

Evan R: This event is successful in bringing together incredible people, and somehow manages to get everyone to work really hard during a compressed period of time while simultaneously helping everyone have fun. After all, we are fortunate to be working in such a wonderful industry.

OAM: What do you look forward to this year? Which presentations?

Evan R: I am very excited to see Carl Sparks from Travelocity speak in the general session, and think that the panels in general represent a great cross section of the goings on in ski industry sales/marketing.  I am always excited to see Rob Torres speak, and am very much looking forward to the panel with Erik Blachford, Dustin Robertson, Chris Sacca and Gregg Brockway.  MTS always does a great job of bringing some from outside the industry to broaden our perspectives.

OAM: Do you have any advice to people who are going how to make the most of it?

Evan R: One hint is that the ski industry is fun.  Attend the events, go to the sessions, but understand that it is incredibly important to spend social time with other attendees.

OAM: Do you have any word of advice for people sitting on the fence at the moment? 

Evan R: If your business is in ski and you are not attending, you are missing the most important conference available to you.

Mountain Travel Symposium is April 15-21, 2012 at the Resort at Squaw Creek, Lake Tahoe.

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