My favorite social network is Instagram

My favorite social network is Instagram

My favorite social network for 2015 is Instagram.

Favorite social network is Instagram

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Instagram wins my heart this year not only because of its beautifully pleasing visuals but also for its large “human” factor on it (lots of people few ads) and its high engaging nature. From a business perspective, Instagram needs to be in your arsenal and here are some Instagram guidelines and tips:

Reason 1 my favorite social network is Instagram

Telling a visual story about your business. If your product or business is highly visual in nature and you can tell a story with images and videos, then aim for Instagram. Many local Tahoe businesses can benefit from this visual aspect of the network. The caveat here is that you need to have a repository of amazing images. Consider hiring a photographer or getting better with taking images. You can also count on user-generated content to support your original images but if you are thinking about using Instagram, make sure you have at least 50 – 70 images in your library. Instagram storytelling




Instagram Tips

You are targeting a younger, female demographic. If your business is trying to reach a younger, female demographic, then Instagram will be a solid choice. 55% of online adults ages 18 to 29 use Instagram. Additionally online women continue to be more likely to be Instagram users than online men (31% vs 24%). (Source: Pew Internet).Instagram female demographic




Share a compelling and inspiring story. Don’t use Instagram to only sell your business. Instead keep it inspiring, entertaining. Mix in your promotional messages but only after you have grown your loyal online following. A few local accounts to follow for inspiration are: @sierra_at_tahoe, @coffeebar96161, @tahoenorth.

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Experiment with Instagram ads. Now available for small business, you can promote an Instagram post right through the Power Editor (free program) that Facebook offers. You can even combine your Facebook ads with Instagram ads. Why not experiment with ads on a platform while it’s not completely saturated yet like Facebook is. But before you do, please, make sure your creative is visually appealing to your audience and you are adhering to the natural aesthetics of the platform.

Instagram ads

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Capture the holidays on Instagram. Ignite your audience’s holiday spirit with invigorating visuals that inspire them to either take action on your website or come into the store. Many small businesses took advantage of the #shopsmall popular hashtag on the platform and Macy’s released 3 videos in one single day motivating people to shop. Of course, the only place you can insert a link is in your bio but you can change that as often as you like.

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I encourage you to explore Instagram first as a user to get used to the nature of the platform. Start by following 20 – 30 people and see what they are posting. You can connect it to your Facebook profile and Instagram will automatically tell you which ones of your Facebook friends are already on Instagram. From there, you will start seeing the benefits of the channel for a business. I invite you to connect with me @milenaregos to follow my travel adventures from Tahoe and around the world.

Happy Holidays and Happy Instagramming!

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