New FTC rules in effect

New FTC rules in effect

Twitter Chat Room #mrktchat will discuss the new FTC ruling

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This week, the hottest topic in social media is the new FTC regulations for disclosing any special interests when writing a blog post regarding a product or service. You can read the blog post from the leader in social media,  Mashable and see what they think about it. The entire regulation is available on the FTC website.

Bloggers are subject to fines up to $11,000 for not disclosing their relationship with a product or a company.

How is this going to affect your tourism marketing business? If you receiving free lift tickets, hotel rooms or dining certificates you need to make sure you use the proper disclosure when reviewing the company. Honestly, this is good news for social media as it will add to the transparency and elliminate some dishonest reviews. The monitoring part is going to be interesting but there are plenty of listening tools online.

What do the leaders think?

I checked Chris Brogan’s blog and I can’t find anything on it about FTC. I also checked Jeremiah’s blog and you can find his disclosures right on his homepage. I also found a good post by Jeremiah regarding the topic from Aug, 2009. I didn’t find anything on the Altimeter Group. The KBuzz wrote about the topic but didn’t really give any opinions as to how this is going to affect social media.

If you have an hour, this audio recording of the WOMMA webinar on the topic is worth it.

What do you think? Good or bad?How is your company going to be affected? What measures are you going to take? Join us here and on Twitter this Thursday at 2pm PST at #mrktchat to discuss this issue.

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