How to Bridge the Millennials and Baby Boomers Gap

How to Bridge the Millennials and Baby Boomers Gap



The Millennials and Baby Boomers Gap

It’s something businesses everywhere are struggling with: the need to stay young and up-to-date and deciding whether or not to just hand the reigns of social media and technology over to someone younger, while older folks are seen (or have anxiety about) as not being able to keep up. While we attended this year’s eTourism Summit in San Francisco, we spoke with Andrew Wilson, who shared some of his thoughts on and a solution for the millennials and baby boomers gap.

“There definitely is an issue because there definitely is a gap,” says Wilson. If you’ve noticed this gap too, you’re probably wondering what there is you can do to make the gap smaller or wondering if the gap can even be fixed at all.

“Both sides need to work hard to try and close the gap,” Wilson says, further explaining that “it’s not about age; it’s about mindset.”

It’s Not About Age: It’s About Creativity

The solution to bridging the gap is simple: throw out age and toss in creativity.

As Wilson explains in the video, it’s important to keep the creative juices flowing, no matter your age. Encourage the older people on your team to remember that they were once young, and to encourage them to think young. Encourage your entire team to be curious, inquisitive, and wanting to explore new technologies. You don’t want to get into a routine, says Wilson.

Creativity, Wilson says, is the key to bridging the millennial and baby boomer gap. By focusing on creativity rather than age, you’re encouraging your team, young and old, to think out of the box and really dive into creative thinking. Age floats away, and all you’re left with is a team of individuals with curious minds wanting to create.

Watch the above video for more of Wilson’s thoughts on how to bridge the millennials and baby boomers age gap through creativity, along with Wilson’s number one key takeaway from this year’s eTourism Summit.

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