Out&About Marketing Goes Live

Out&About Marketing Goes Live

Hello and welcome to my website and blog!

I’m very excited to announce that Out&About Marketing is now live. I created this website and blog to help people in the travel and tourism industry learn about successful marketing strategies and tactics, social media and Web 2.0.  New media emerged and changed marketing forever. Customers expect companies to communicate with them on a whole new level, engage with them in places that are new and exciting.

I want to share my passion for social media and marketing with focus on travel, tourism and the outdoors with anyone else who shares the same passion or makes their living in these industry. I wasn’t able to find a good resource on the web so I created one.

I hope marketers and business owners with remarkable products and services will find my website and blog useful and use it as place to engage in discussions relevant to the tourism industry. If you are interested in becoming a guest writer on the website, please, let me know.

Also, please, let me know if you find something on the site that needs to be fixed. It’s a new site and may have some glitches or spelling mistakes.

I would love it if you sign my digital guestbook. It will help me learn more about my readers and write posts that are relevant and interesting to you.

I will update the blog as often as humanly possible after my full-time job and my love for the outdoors. If you want to stay current, make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed and every time I write a post you will get automatically updated either on your reader or email. If you prefer, you can sign up with your email address directly.

Enjoy your stay and thank you for visiting!

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