Out&About Marketing – A Year Later

Out&About Marketing – A Year Later

Exactly one year ago today, I woke up with a smile on my face and an idea in my heart.  The idea of committing myself 110% to the business I started in 2009, helping people and companies with their overall marketing and social media challenges, guiding them through the ever-changing Internet trends and the evolving nature of social and local marketing.  The mission: Spreading news about great products and services, helping people improve their lives and providing outstanding customer service. Oh, and by the way – getting rid of shitty marketing.



Today I celebrate a milestone.  My full commitment to Out&About Marketing.  It’s been a great journey.


This year has been a whirlwind, full of excitement and challenges. Do I have regrets leaving my previous employer?  No. I definitely made the right decision. I miss the people I used to work with but I’ve met many new wonderful folks.  The long hours of running my own business don’t bother me, because I love what I have created and accomplished so far.

Our Partners

In this first year, Out&About Marketing has been fortunate to work with global and national brands and many Reno-Tahoe businesses. Most of our partners are in the travel&tourism, hospitality, leisure and recreation areas.  Some of our current partners are listed below, and for a more complete list, take a look on our website.

Hard Candy Fitness Sydney founded by Madonna

Crunch Fitness Sydney

Squaw Valley USA / Alpine Meadows

Reno Tahoe Meetings

Capitol Corridor

Sugar Bowl Resort

Fifty Fifty Brewing

Crystal Bay Casino


All great companies and organizations, and Out&About Marketing is proud to be associated with each and every one of them.

Our Solutions

Out&About Marketing’s focus throughout the year was mostly in social media marketing and digital marketing. Feel free to review all of our services. Some of the areas we spent a lot of time on are:

Social Media Audit – a social media audit means taking a look at what a business is currently doing, their competition, the industry as a whole. Evaluating specific needs and the overall digital space while finding opportunities to jumpstart or improve their social media efforts.  At the end of the process each business receives a report on progress and specific recommendations on how to use social media, PR, search, and online marketing to achieve their goals.

Social Media Strategy and Execution – a social media strategy identifies where to find customers and how to best connect with them, while laying out goals and metrics for measuring success.  This strategy connects with overall business and marketing strategies for each company and identifies web personas, content, engagement, creative campaigns and specific tactics for each social network. At the end of the process each business receives a report serving as a roadmap of social media efforts for the next 6 – 12 months that businesses can easily follow.

Social Media Marketing Measurements – Understanding what makes a community active is the next step in the evolution of social media marketing measurements.  Rather than purely focusing on how many likes and followers a business has on Facebook and Twitter, it’s more important to focus on engagement, sentiment, social CRM, lead generation, ROI and social scorecards.

Brand Reputation Monitoring – Be proactive instead of reactive.  Each business needs to monitor their brand, their competitors, and their customers.  To help with this task, there are tons of free marketing research platforms that provide valuable customer service reports such as: digital voice sharing, sentiment analysis, volume of mentions to name just a few. It’s really critical to know what people are saying about you online to improve customer service, adjust business direction, create new products and services and be a social business.

For most companies, this area is lacking.  Companies are putting too much effort into sending their message out,  and not enough effort on responding to people who are already taking about them.

Creative Social Media Contests and Ideas – We came up with a clever way to wish Happy Birthday to people by offering them a free ski lift ticket before Facebook introduced the marketplace gift idea.  This campaign won a Social Media Award and was light years ahead of what Facebook just released with regards to gifts for people next to their birthday message.








Mobile marketing – The future of marketing. There will be huge opportunities in this area and we are excited to be partnering with the right developers and designers to help us create the tools our customers and partners need.

Social Media Presentations – Every once and a while we have the pleasure to talk with a group of people. It’s rewarding to see people smile when they start to understand that there is no secret magic to Social Media Marketing.  It just takes some determination, a plan, a little bit of technology, a heck of a lot of creativity, amazing customer service, and a ton of relationship building.

Milena Regos, the founder of Out&About Marketing likes to speak to various audiences on topics of branding, social media marketing, social media measurements, tourism marketing, ski resort marketing, small business digital trends, social media marketing, and more.

Where you can connect with her next:

SHRA, Incline Village, NV – Human Resource Workshop on Social Media Strategies, Oct 15, 2012

Tahoe Tourism, Technology + Marketing Workshop, SMG, South Lake Tahoe, CA, Nov 1, 2012

Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce, Nov 8, 2012 – private event but if you are in the area let us know.

Sydney, Australia, Dec  9, 2012- private event but f you are in the area let us know.


Our Recipe for Success

First of all, it’s all of you. Our network includes the most amazing people who trust us and want to see us succeed. You are all amazing individuals – thank you! We also believe in the following:

1. Listen – We listen to our partners. We understand their challenges, frustrations, and limitations and create a custom solution to fit their needs. We don’t try to sell them on something they don’t need and are considerate of their resources.

2. Value – We provide superior services and delivery at a good price.  We want to see each of our partners succeed by providing them with the right solution for their needs. Simple, yet effective.

3. Customer Service – One of the most important elements in business. Without amazing customer service that makes people talk, you have nothing. Under promise and over deliver is a good way to conduct business. We stand by our word and we make sure we do the right thing.

4. Measurements – We measure our efforts. We also educate our partners on the effectiveness of digital marketing and social media marketing as it related to the overall success of their organization. We love analytics, data, and the digital world.

5. Great team – We work with great talent, and have created a virtual office where we can keep overhead low and use technology to communicate on a daily basis among ourselves and with our partners. Meet some of the team members and let us know if you want to partner with us. We are always looking for more talented people to join our team, have fun, and make a difference.

6. Trust & Passions – Everything begins and ends with trust.  By being highly involved  on the Internet we are able to build trust even faster. There’s even a chemical solution for it as pointed out in this article, first spotted though the SMG blog. We are passionate about what we do on a daily basis and it shows in our work.

We have integrity and honesty and these traits are not always easy to find, especially in the marketing and advertising industry. We are honest. We tell it how it is and we connect with like-minded individuals. As partners, it is important to understand each other and it makes working together a lot more fun. It’s easier to talk to someone who loves to do yoga if you are a yogi yourself. We are skiers, mountain bikers, yogi, foodies, fitness fanatics, outdoor lovers, travelers, and marketers – and we’d love to meet you and talk to you.

7. Commitment – We are the best we can be every day. We will always challenge ourselves, learn, grow, improve in our trade, and never get complacent. The day we stop caring about our partner’s success or the quality of our work, is the day we close the doors and call it quits.

This is our recipe for success. What’s yours?

Thank you for all of your continued trust and support. We are just getting warmed up!

We have a lot of new ideas and programs in development so stay tuned for more updates. Let us know what your challenges are and what you would like to learn more about in the comments below.



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