Out&About Marketing Guest Blogger Guidelines

Out&About Marketing Guest Blogger Guidelines

Guest Blogger Guidelines


guest blogging guidelines


Interested in submitting an article to be published on Out&About Marketing blog?

Read our guidelines first:

How to submit

  • Please, email your completed article and image to: milena@outandaboutmarketing.com
  • Submissions must meet our quality standards in order to get published.


  • We only accept well-written and high quality original articles (Google doesn’t like duplicate content).
  • Avoid being self-promotional.


  • Article that is of interest to Out&About Marketing audience and reflects our writing style and tone.
  • Our audience is marketers and business owners with focus on travel&tourism, outdoor recreation, health&fitness.


  • Link to other posts found on Out&About Marketing blog, or we’ll add internal links in your article
  • To adhere to Google’s guidelines for guest blogging, articles that are clearly intended as a link building scheme will be rejected. Please be thoughtful about any links you include in your articles.
  • Affiliate links are not allowed.
  • SEOd links in guest posts are not allowed.

Post Image Requirements

  • Proper attribution of data, quotations, images and any other third-party content referenced in the article.
  • Please, send at least one high – quality image to go with the blog post.


  • There are no length requirements.
  • Posts should be as long as they need to be to be high quality and comprehensive.

Editorial Policies

  • We reserve the right to suggest changes to your article to make it more comprehensive.
  • We reserve the right to add calls to action to Out&About Marketing content, email newsletters, and downloadable content within your blog post.

Republishing Policies

  • The post belongs to the blog owner, is credited to the author and cannot be republished anywhere else (including on your own blog).
  • We do encourage you to share it on social media as much as you can.

Formatting Preferences

  • Use subheadings in the post body (please, include H2-H3 tags)
  • Use short paragraphs or bullet points (to make the post easier to read)
  • Submit a Word document with images attached separately.

Download our Guest Blogger guidelines for free.

Guest Blogger Guidelines


Go ahead and send us your article. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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