Resolutions don’t work.

Resolutions don’t work.

Resolutions don't work. Commitments do.

New Years Resolutions don’t work. Commitments do.

With almost a week into the New Year, are you still sticking to your resolutions or is the passion for change starting to fade away?

Personally, I committed to eating clean for 30 days (that means no processed foods, no sugar, no dairy, no grains, no coffee, no alcohol) and doing yoga every day. So far, so good. It’s not easy and it does takes time and commitment but I’m determined to make it. Promise.

On a personal and on a business level, I want to make a lot of changes in 2015. If I have to focus on one main keyword for 2015, it definitely going to be “CHANGE”. Change is good.

Here are my 3 New Years Resolutions (Commitments) that are on my mind:

  1. Commitment One: Stay small. Small is beautiful. We need to celebrate small more, an excellent blog post I found a few days back. Being small means that I can dedicate 100% of my time to taking care of my clients. I can take the extra effort to make sure all details are taken care of. When you are small you can be more creative, change directions faster and have the biggest impact. Small is good. When you are big you lose touch with your customers. Big means you become a manager and spend less time on what you love doing and more time managing projects and people. Once you are big it’s hard to get small again. In 2015, Out&About Marketing will focus on staying small. We are small and powerful so we can have the biggest effect on the people we work with by providing them with what we do best.
  2. Commitment Two: Be helpful. In 2015, I plan to provide more value and create more content that is helpful to my audience. I started this company with passion to help people out and tell stories about products and services who impact our lives in a positive way. This passion hasn’t died and I’m determined to make a change in the world by doing what I do best – legendary marketing.

If you want to get inspired about a company that truly embarced on a journey to change lives, watch this video.


I’m kicking off the New Year with 15 free marketing consultations for small business owners and I’m excited that I can commit my time and expertise to helping people. This year, we also plan to get more regular with blog posts and other helpful content for our loyal audience. We just need to commit to it and do it. We already do it for our clients, we just need to do it for Out&About Marketing as well.

3. Commitment Three: Create and execute email marketing that matters. Email newsletters are a powerful way to stay in touch with people. Customers frequently ask me how often should they send they email newsletters. My answer always is: “As often as you have something valuable to say”. Forget the once a day, once a week, once a month rule. Do it as often as you have something to offer to your readers. Expect to see meaningful and valuable email communication from Out&About Marketing in the form of a newsletter with latest social and digital marketing trends to make sure you are in the know of the latest trends and changes, case studies on who’s doing it best and links to our latest blog posts. In an information overload era, the last thing I want to do is clutter your inbox with stuff you don’t need.

If you already get our email newsletter but don’t read it, feel free to unsubscribe. And if you haven’t signed up for it yet but want to, this form will get you there.


Parallel to this resolution is a personal commitment on how often I check and respond to emails. I will no longer check emails first thing in the morning. When you do this, you immediately make other people’s priorities your own and your priorities get pushed back. From now on, I will check email 2x’s a day at noon and at 4pm. I also use tools to clean my inbox like so most email newsletters get captured and put into one big email. I can check it whenever I have time and I know it’s not urgent. If you are constantly checking your inbox and getting distracted by emails, check out and get it. It will save you a lot of time and stress. To see other recommendations on tools we use for productivity, efficiency and happiness, check out the 10 tools to stay productive and happy blog post. It comes with a free handy PDF you can download.

Let me know your 2015 resolutions and commitments in the comments below.

To your happiness, health and success in 2015!

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