Schedule and save time with your social media marketing

Schedule and save time with your social media marketing

Schedule and save time with HootSuite

We partnered up with HootSuite to deliver valuable tips and information to you. This blog post is dedicated to scheduling your posts in advance. Jaxon Lam, Affiliate and Search specialist at HootSuite said: “Scheduling is a big time saver for many people and a common pain point that we hear is that social takes too much time or that people have no time for social. By scheduling message, it frees up time to allow us to focus on the most important aspect of social, and that is the relationships, branding etc.”

Let’s explore the different ways you can schedule updates with HootSuite.

Schedule with HootSuite: 3 types of scheduling

1. Manual Schedule your posts in advance

Follow these steps to schedule your tweets:

1. Click compose message

2. Type the message and include any links

3. Choose the social networks that you want your message to go out on

4. Select the date and time if when your message should post

5. Click Schedule

manual schedule tweets


2. Autoschedule

You can also choose the autoschedule with HootSuite instead of manually picking your dates and times. HootSuite will optimize your posts for optimal times. You can autoschedule from the dashboard or the Hootlet (more on this later) and will will be able to maintain consistent social media presence without having to be in front of your computer at all times. You can autoschedule your posts a week in advance and then just stay on top of mentions, retweets and direct messages. With autoschedule, you will save a ton of time and direct your efforts on building relationships and running your business. With the Autoscheduler you can post to a maximum of 5 social networks at a time. I wish HootSuite will change this soon and allow for more social networks.

Check out this video from HootSuite to see how to autoschedule your tweets:



3. Bulk schedule with HootSuite

The bulk scheduling with HootSuite is great to use when you are planning an event and you want to focus on running your event but you need to still manage your social media. You can get together with your team and plan the tweets in advance (up to 350 tweets) in a spreadsheet. Then, you can upload the tweets to HootSuite and just stay on top of engagement. The last thing on your mind during your event is probably sending out regular tweets, so schedule them in advance and then just respond to people as needed.

Secret Weapon: The Hootlet

The Hootlet is a HootSuite add on that you can add directly to your browser. So the next time you are reading an article on the web and you want to share it with your audience, just click on the Hootlet and share it directly from your browser. No need to open up HootSuite. You can still use the autoschedule and the manual schedule with the Hootlet. Check out this 52 sec video below on how to use the Hootlet with autoschedule. Pretty awesome and a huge time saver!


Let’s say you have scheduled your updates in HootSuite and now you need to change something. The Publisher is a really easy way that allows you to do just that visually.

You will find the publisher on the left hand side of your HootSuite platform. Just click on the arrow right under the Streams tab. With the publisher you can view your content by specific network, day, week 0r month and you can also view your upcoming messages vs past scheduled messages.

Hootsuite publisher to arrange updates


And if you have the enterprise edition for HootSuite you can approve all messages in the Publisher scheduled by other members in your team with stricter permissions. The Publisher makes it really easy to edit updates, delete them or move them to another date and time. You can also distinguish between auto scheduled updates and manual updates and filter by social network so the content view is not overwhelming.

HootSuite publisher



Working and collaborating as a team using HootSuite is easy no matter how decentralized your team is. This case study from the New York Public Library shows how with a decentralized team and over 100 multiple locations the library was still able to have a cohesive communication strategy. The results show that the library was able to increase their Twitter followings from 7,000 to 90,000 under one year and increased web traffic by 394% in addition to winning PR News 2010 award for Use of Twitter and becoming the largest public library in the world on Twitter. Great case study with Hootsuite, you can see the entire case study below.


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Let us know if you have any HootSuite related questions. We’ve been using the platform for years now.
Good luck with your social media updates and let’s hoot together!

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