Scheduling Pins on Pinterest Using ViralTag

Scheduling Pins on Pinterest Using ViralTag


Digital marketing companies have numerous resources at their fingertips when it comes to scheduling posts across various social media platforms.

Here at Out&About Marketing, we love using HootSuite to monitor our clients’ Twitter and Instagram accounts. We love Post Planner for scheduling posts for Facebook. We find SocialBro to be particularly useful for growing twitter communities and refining our searches for people to connect with to create effective online relationships. But what about Pinterest?

Most companies see great results using Pinterest. Retail stores can pin their merchandise to get their followers excited about new deals, upcoming inventory, and maintain traffic to their online retail store. A photographer can showcase his or her photos to hundreds of thousands of people who ordinarily would not have exposure to his or her work. Companies can use Pinterest to maintain local, national, and/or international interest in their product or service, provided they use Pinterest effectively.

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Across all social media platforms, there is a point of saturation when your posts become too frequent for your audience to tolerate. Everyone has a friend who posts too many selfies every day on Facebook, or tweets out inconsequential daily happenings, such as “going to the gym” on a daily or hourly basis. Similar to a friend’s feed becoming irksome, so is the case with companies that post on any social media platform too frequently.

Therein lies the issue any company faces. How to drive traffic to a site or generate interest in a brand in an effective way without being overzealous. This is also why companies hire expert digital marketing companies, who post the best content during the best times of the day, at an optimal frequency.

In the case of Pinterest, the more pins that lead back to a company’s website, the more brand exposure, and the higher potential for sales. For a foolproof way of earning revenue, Pinterest is a rockstar social platform.  But it has the same pitfall as Facebook and Twitter: if a company pins too many photos in a row in too short a period of time, its audience will reach its saturation point quickly and the company runs the risk of losing Pinterest followers.

Finding a balance where a company can gain constant exposure without suffocating its followers with content, is exactly why social media experts use platforms like HootSuite, Post Planner, SocialBro, and in the case of Pinterest: ViralTag.

ViralTag provides an easy way for individuals and companies to schedule their pins to post to Pinterest at specific times on specific days. For instance, a blogger may schedule 1 pin to post per hour so that his/her followers do not get irritated with a high concentration of pints, and the blog still gets a great deal of exposure, thus increasing advertising revenue on the blog.

How does ViralTag work? One can sign up for a free 14-day trial. After the 14 days are up, one can subscribe to one of 3 different memberships plans, starting at $4.99 per month, up to $28 per month.  The $28 monthly subscription allows for up to 5 accounts and comes with extensive analytics, which helps determine which pins are generating the most engagement.


ViralTag integrates with your Pinterest page so that you can schedule pins to post to any of your boards at any time on any day.

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If there are multiple photos on one page you would like to pin, you can schedule these pins all at the same time.

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You can stagger the images to pin minutes apart or even hours apart.


TMS ViralTag3


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Once all of the pins are scheduled for the day, you can go to your dashboard and edit times, or delete pins.


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In this sense, your pins post throughout the day without annoying your followers. You also save time by being able to schedule days worth of pins at once, versus having to go back to a website multiple times per day.

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And that’s it! Unlimited pins with ultimate flexibility, and the ability to drive a great deal of traffic to your site while gaining followers all the while. For an individual who works throughout the day and blogs on the side, pins can be scheduled ahead of time in a set-it-and-forget-it method. Companies that do their own social media in-house can be just as benefited by ViralTag as a digital marketing company that manages the social media for multiple clients.

In a digital age, where a great social media presence can make a brand, whereas the lack thereof can break it, having useful tools for optimizing effectiveness and efficiency is key. The continual rise in popularity of Pinterest makes an easy platform like ViralTag a useful resource to have in your social media arsenal.

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