Social Media Audit

Why do you need a Social Media Audit?

Your organization is active on social media but you really don’t know what’s working and what’s not. You need help growing your fan base, creating more engagement, determining what content to continue to invest resources in and getting some fresh ideas. Enter the Social Media Audit.

Social Media Audit

What you can expect to receive back is a detailed analysis of three of the most popular social channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in one very detailed PowerPoint Report. We will schedule a call with you to review the findings, ideas, examples and our recommendations for moving forward.

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Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit Elements

I. Analysis of social networks


  • Facebook page awareness
    • Fans
    • New fans
    • Unsubscribes and reason
    • Impressions
    • Paid Impressions
    • Organic Impressions
    • Average reach
  • Facebook page engagement
    • Engaged Users per month
    • # of Post Consumptions
  • Facebook best performing content
    • Visual screen shots of best performing content
    • Average engagement per post
    • Post engagement %
    • Recommendations for moving forward


  • Twitter awareness
    • Impressions
    • Followers
  • Twitter Engagement
    • Engagement %
    • # of Engagements
  • Twitter best performing content
    • Visual screen shots with impressions and engagements


  • Instagram awareness
    • # of engagements
    • Total Fans
  • Instagram Engagement
    • Average Engagement per post
  • Instagram Best Performing Content

II. Opportunities and Recommendations

III. Ideas specific to your company for moving forward

IV. Industry Examples


All of this report plus our recommendations, ideas and examples: $1,200


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Social Media Audit

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