Sharpie’s social campaign

Sharpie’s social campaign

I want to share with you Sharpie’s social media campaign. Sharpies? Right! They have built a very successful social media strategy. Can you think of creative, fresh and engaging content for Sharpies? Neither could I. Until I saw their online communitySharpie. Uncap What’s Inside. Check out some of these products artfully decorated with a sharpie. Amazing, isn’t it? Can you imagine the creativity, time and dedication it took some of Sharpies’ customers??

Converse on Crack by ~PuNkPoP on deviantART

My challenge to you is to start thinking about your product/service in a brand new light. If Sharpies can do it and create a vibrant community where people create the most amazing art and post photos/videos/talk about it, then why can’t you? Sharpies is on all major social media sites. Go check out their page and look around to get the creative juices flowing.  Poor excuses for not getting involved in social media such as: “My product/service is not exciting” won’t work anymore. Go explore. Get creative. Start small. Engage your customers. Build your community.  You need a plan in place first,  before you engage with the tools. Sharpies conducted extensive research before they built their online community.  They knew what would keep their online community alive before going out and building a blog and a Flickr page. Think about your business objectives, look at your entire marketing strategy and incorporate the social element with it. Just don’t try to use old methods for new media – it won’t work.

What do you think? Do you have a product/service that you just don’t understand how to turn it into a talkable brand??  Let me know. I’m more than happy to give you some ideas.



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