Ski Resort Social Media Case Study – Successful Facebook Contest

Ski Resort Social Media Case Study – Successful Facebook Contest

Social media contests can be very successful for your business if your goal is to increase your fan base, increase engagement or increase your email subscribers. Since email conversions are much higher than social media conversions, smart marketers like to create contests that capture people’s email addresses. This way, they can follow up with them later on and inform them about news and specials.

We had the opportunity to work with Squaw Valley Ski Resort and help them execute their #SochiDailyGiveaway contest. Winning a pair of skis or snowboards during the Olympics sounds like a great hook for passionate skiers and boarders – exactly the audience Squaw Valley wants to attract.

It’s no secret snow has not been great in Lake Tahoe this year. Despite the lack of snow, interest and participation in the contest has been through the roof. After all, this ski resort did everything right with the social media contest. The incentive, the prize, the urgency, the timing and the viral sharing were all put into place with the contest. The social media vendor used for the contest was Heyo, a very affordable yet solid solution and one that we consistently recommend to our partners.

Squaw valley social media contestThe campaign is still running at the writing of this post and you can check it out on Facebook.

The results of the contest so far have been outstanding:

– 6,975 new likes

– 30% email conversion rate

Inside Facebook published a case study about the contest.

In summary, here are 7 tips to make a social media contest successful:

1. Make it relevant to your audience

2. Timing is everything

3. Keep it simple for people to enter

4. Make sure it’s mobile optimized

5. Come up with incentives guaranteed to get people to act

6. Capture their email addresses

7. Make it shareable to increase reach


Your turn! Have you see any successful social media contests? What do you like about them?


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