Social Media Crisis Mock Ups

Social Media Crisis Mock Ups

How do you manage your brand when crisis strikes? What is the best approach and the most efficient way to handle a crisis online? Who’s responsible, who should be in charge and would you be able to put out the fire before it starts?

Let’s examine 3 potential scenarios. What would you do if you were the person in charge.

1.  You are the General Manager of a luxury destination resort. The entire area just experienced a big flood. Your CMO is reporting the conversation online and your brand is being mentioned in a negative way as a result of the experience. What do you do?

2.  You are the Marketing Director for a ski resort somewhere in the US. One day, you have a big fire at the resort and you have to evacuate people from a lift and everyone from the resort. The conversation online starts while people are still on the chair lift waiting to be evacuated. You have 3 staff members who are familiar with your social media strategy. You have put an emergency communication plan in place prior to the season start. What are the critical steps in your plan and what are you going to do next?

3.   You work for an event company and have a major event planned in a medium size city. It’s taking you over a year to put it all together. You have worked hard on getting sponsorships, signing athletes, working with the community, advertising the event. Your client (the city) is paying you for the organization and the logistics. You expect to have at least 10,000 participants. The day before the event, you get a call from your portable toilet vendor saying he’s not going to be able to deliver the units on time.  What do you do?

A few articles to help you along the way:

Crisis Planning by Jeremiah Owyang

Please, add your comment below and join us online for a live discussion on Twitter under the hashtag of #mrktchat on July 8th, 2pm PST where we are going to replay these scenarios and provide guidelines for a social media crisis plan.

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