Social Media Management for Your Business

Social Media Management for Your Business

One of the most common issues that businesses come across when approaching social media is that of time.  In the social media realm, where things seem to be constantly expanding and changing, time does not seem to be on our side!  Yet, with a couple free platforms and applications, we can streamline our social media process to be manageable and rewarding.  Here’s how:

  1. Use a Social Media Management platform.  There are many out there and you could spend hours comparing them.  I’ll stand by Buffer as a good basic option and HootSuite as my favorite.  There is a free version, and also free training and webinars.  Add your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ feeds and use HootSuite’s App Directory to add YouTube, Instagram, etc.  All your social media in one place?  It can be done!  This move alone will make it possible to open one browser window, check and respond to audience engagement, discover and schedule content.
  2. Your time is valuable, so use it wisely.  While you are checking in on engagement, connect with those who engage with you.  Utilize lists where possible, on Twitter and Google+ for example.  This will allow you to build robust databases of customers, influencers, competitors or what ever groups are key to your business, while simultaneously creating an online community.  Users who engage with your business are what give social media value in the first place:  Check out their profiles, connect with their other social accounts and engage right back!
  3. Be sure not to miss one mention of your business on the web:  utilize a free tool like Google Alerts to keep an eye on content and chatter surrounding your business across the web.  I have been using Mention which has a free and a paid version, it’s user friendly and includes lots of nifty features.  There is nothing like finding a great blog post about your business that you had no idea about!
  4. Every piece of content that you publish is an opportunity to amplify the reach of your message.  Cross-posting across all of your social media outlets is a must, but try to tailor your content to each outlet if you can (a nice photo on Facebook, a clever hashtag on Twitter, a keyword description on Pinterest).
  5. Good content can often feel like a “feast or famine” situation:  either you are overwhelmed with it or you can’t find it anywhere.  There is a simple solution to this problem:  Content Curation.  When you are finding more good content than you know what do with, categorize it and save it for later using an app like Pocket.  When the content world is a barren wasteland, look to a content discovery tool like StumbleUpon or an RSS Feed reader like Feedly.  YourBrandInc also has a ridiculously long list of options.
  6. Do whatever you can to make this process easier for you.  Use free apps like the Pinterest button for your web browser.
Art by Guillermo Arias

Art by Guillermo Arias

There you have it.  Now, go with confidence!

Liesl Kenney, Social Media Manager, Out&About Marketing

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