Social Media Sites Demographics

Social Media Sites Demographics

Social media marketing is picking up more and more noise in the marketing world. As companies are slashing their budgets they are looking online to get free exposure and connect with their customers while maintaining their brand. Who are all these people that spend time on social media? Are they your customers? Do you want to engage with them? I have provided a few links below for you to take a look at who uses Twitter, Facebook, MySpace,, YouTube and Flickr.

Quantcast data on Twitter demographics:

Quantcast data on Facebook  demographics:

Quantcast data on MySpace demographics:

Quantcast data on demographics:

Quantcast data on YouTube demographics:

Quantcast data on Flickr demographics:

If I missed a site of interest to you you can pull the data yourself by going to the page and typing in the name of the company that you are interested about. Please, leave me comments here as to what other sites you looked at. What do you think? Is this information helpful? Please, let me know what other topics interest you.

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