Social Media Statistics

Social Media Statistics

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New years resolutions

This is our first blog post of 2012. Today’s topic is social media statistics.

Do you ever wonder how many people are actually using social networks? Who has all that time to spend on social media and what are the reasons time spent on social media and blogs continue to increase?

I found a very useful info graphic that will answer all these questions and more.

The highlights for me are:

– The population on Facebook is now over 800 mil. You probably already have a business Facebook page and have accumulated some followers. But are you using it to its full potential? Have you implemented custom tabs (custom landing pages), are you doing Facebook contests to keep your followers engaged and do you measure your engagement and ROI? Instead of trying to get more likes, try to keep the ones you already have active and new likes will follow. In other words, do you have an actionable social media strategy that shows you how your efforts are connected to your overall marketing and business objectives and do you measure the impact from social media to the bottom line?

– 95% of Facebook wall posts are not answered by brands. This is extremely surprising to me as most businesses at the moment are trying to figure out how to become more social. Instead of directing your money and efforts to creating the next TV spot or offer, how about you simply spend more time on answering the questions your existing customers have for you and post to your Facebook page. It’s called being social and engaging with your customers. Isn’t that what you wanted when you started your Facebook business page?

– You want more likes on Facebook? Have you considered why people will want to “like” you on Facebook? How about the simple fact that customers become Facebook fans if they are already your customer and simply want to hear from you or they want to receive discounts and promotions. As a customer, if you keep me up to date on your latest developments and give me a special discount for following you on Facebook, as well as answer my questions I’ll be a happy Facebook follower.

– When it comes to Twitter, the fact I found most useful and something I have always believed in has do to with creating good content and sharing valuable information. The answer to the question: What makes people retweet? is of course content. Interesting content rises to the top and that’s the one thing I always try to do on Twitter. Instead of sharing what I had for breakfast, I try to put useful information from articles I read or other tweets that are worth sharing. Once again, content is king and this rule applies not only to Twitter but to all social media – photos, videos, blog posts, Facebook updates. If you have something worthy of telling and showing, please, do so. If not, keep your update for another time.

– B2B marketers are spending billions of dollars on social media marketing yet 30% of them are not tracking the return on investment from their efforts. I believe 2012 will be the year social media goes mainstream and marketers who figure out a way to measure their efforts will truly be able to capitalize on the power of social media. If you are currently not tracking your efforts, make this your New Year’s resolution!

All other interesting and valuable social media statistics are in the info graphic below  from Dream Systems Media. Enjoy!


Social Media Statistics

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