Social Media Storytelling for the Fitness Industry

Social Media Storytelling for the Fitness Industry

Finding your Story – Passionate Beginnings that Lead to Social Selling

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My favorite difference for the fitness industry are the stories. Your industry, unlike any other industry, is ripe with stories that are ready to be picked, shared, and revealed to inspire. Enter social media storytelling. It’s all about finding them and molding them into the the script and platform for your social media presence.

Too often we all forget the purpose of social when we are clouded with visions of social success and profit. We forget that our business wasn’t necessarily invited to exist on the platform, but rather tolerated. It’s good to remember that when your target customers go to Facebook – they aren’t doing it to research your company (initially), but rather to interact with friends, creep on old boyfriends, and share their experience, their day.

Remembering that, and keeping that in the back of your mind when you are producing your content for your social presence, is essential to your business’s success on any social platform.

The closer your content is to the other content that is shared within the newsfeeds of your target demographics, the more likely your users are to interact with it.

So how do you get those stories?

social media storytelling

You ask.

I’ve always been passionate about the Fitness industry because of the stories that are available. The transformations. The reinventions. The battles fought, and the wars that are won. Every member within your club has a story that would inspire someone like them to make a change – and it should never be a story centered on selling, but rather, telling.

Your employees are your first resource – the most natural option. Ask your employees to answer simple questions like, “Why Fitness?”, “What keeps you motivated?”, “What’s your biggest challenge”, and “What is your biggest success?”. Tell your employees to share their stories – in a real, messy, true, authentic way. Capture those quotes, their pictures, and their experiences to begin sharing this information on your social pages.

Once your target demographic can start to personalize your business, once they see themselves in the shoes of your trainer, the battle is half won.

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