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Free Social Media Strategy Fit Kit

Get started on your Fitness Club’s social media presence today. Quickly learn how to define your social media goals and set yourself and your fitness company up for success.

  • Establish your Social Media Goals for the Fitness Industry.
  • Define your social media goals in no time.
  • No previous social media experience required.
  • Get ahead of your competitors today.
  • Realistic goals, fantastic results.

What you get

Two free social media guides: Introduction to Social Media and Setting Your Social Media Goals for the Fitness Industry

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Social Media Fit Kit

No longer does launching a social media strategy have to be intimidating, time consuming, or unmanageable. The Social Media Strategy Fit Kit is designed for marketing professionals, staff and owners in the fitness, gym, and health industry who want to learn how to improve their social media marketing, while achieving measurable results.

What you don’t have to spend is hours of management from an agency, hiring a new employee to manage the effort for you, or outsourcing content creation. This kit provides everything you need to personally execute it, regardless of your business size and time constraints.

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That’s $500 in savings

The Pro Kit includes everything in the free kit plus:

  • Gathering Content: Content Creation and Content Curation
  • Free Content Marketing Template
  • Posting Frequency
  • Platform Best Practices
  • Ambassador Identification: includes Bonus Top 50 Fitness
  • Bloggers and 10 Fitness Hashtags
  • Social Media Contests Strategy
  • Negative Response Process: Managing your Online Reputation
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Measurement
  • Social Media Tools
  • Case Studies
  • Get exclusive access to the Fitness Social Media Club Facebook group so you can ask questions directly to the experts

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