Social Networking “Old School” Style

Social Networking “Old School” Style

Never forget the meaning of social networking. It’s not all about being on social networks.

I went to a real live event last night put by Bill Hoffman, The Executive Director at Incline Village Crystal Visitors Bureau last night at Santa Fe Hotel in Reno, NV a Basque Restaurant with good family style food.

Bill had invited his network from Lake Tahoe and Reno area and people who work together on a daily basis. It was a super fun evening, great networking opportunity and a good way to reconnect with old friends and meet some new folks.

In this classic old style Basque Restaurant, people relaxed over a cocktail and enjoyed a great meal and decent Basque wine with their old and new friends.

Social Networking “Old School” style will always be the best way to meet, get to know people, create relationships, expand your business contacts and combine business with pleasure.


Santa Fe Restaurant

Santa Fe Restaurant. Photo Credit: Jason Neary

What do you think? Are we spending too much time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram that we are forgetting to socialize and engage with people the way we always did in the past: with a hand shake, eye contact and face to face conversation.

Take a look at this infographic below and you will see the main reasons people use personal social networks: Socialize, Stay in Touch, Be Entertained. The mindset hasn’t changed, just the way we communicate sometimes.

Thank you Bill for organizing this great event. I look forward to many more!



Personal versus Professional Social Networks


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