Tahoe Local Digital and Social Media Marketing – Who’s Doing it Best Series

Tahoe Local Digital and Social Media Marketing – Who’s Doing it Best Series

Tahoe Local Who’s Doing it Best in the Digital and Social Media Marketing Space

Jan 2012 – Tahoe Mountain Sports

I’ve been thinking about starting this series for a while as there are certain local Tahoe companies and businesses that are doing a really good job with their online and social media marketing efforts. There’s no better time to start this series than in the month of January. Once a month, I will feature a local Lake Tahoe business who’s doing an extremely good job with their website, digital, mobile or social media. If you have any suggestions, feel free to send them my way at milena@outandaboutmarketing.com.

Our first selection goes out to Tahoe Mountain Sports and below are some of the reasons for it. In the spirit of Full Disclosure I have to say that this blog post is in no way paid or sponsored by Tahoe Mountain Sports. They didn’t give me any discounts or goodies to write it.

1. Website

Tahoe Mountain Sports website is organized and build with user experience in mind. It is my understanding they are doing all the work in-house. I wish they were using an outside agency as I would hire them right away. Kudos to the entire team at TMS! It’s great to see local talent producing high quality work like this. The website has clear call to actions, it’s easy to navigate, it’s professional looking and has integrated social networks and features really well. I love the fact that you can shop online. So many local Tahoe businesses are completely missing out on the entire ecommerce opportunity. It’s 2012 people! Start selling your products and services online. The site is well organized with items for men, women and kids, plus you can shop by brand, activity and gear. In addition, MTS provides a very detailed information on Tahoe with anything you need for your complete Tahoe adventure from weather and web cams to general information about the area. I like their gift cards availability as well so you can gift someone with an email delivered right to their inbox. I love their Deal of the Day. It’s a great way to bring people back to your website daily. Kudos to TMS for keeping this active. I’m sure it pays well in sales for them.

I decided to test their Live Chat function which integrated with my Facebook account. I asked them a question and received an immediate response. A few pleasant exchanges later, I went on to continue writing this blog post. I can keep going about their website features, like free shipping, secure check out, Amazon payments, etc. In summary, this is an excellent website and I’m sure they are seeing the returns from their efforts in real dollar signs.















2. Blog 

TMS maintains a very active blog which shows they understand the power of search and social. The blog also shows their passion and enthusiasm for the outdoors, sports, Tahoe and their business. Their love for the outdoors is captivating. It’s an engaging blog with interesting articles, product reviews and tons of photos. One of my favorite posts was their recent Yosemite trip with the Tahoe bikini chicks. Now, this is a great way to sell some bikinis in winter and even get the guys interested. Right?


Photo courtesy of the TMS blog










3. Social Media

In addition to the blog, TMS is active on Facebook (2,267 likes), Twitter (324 followers), YouTube (70,959 views to their videos so far) and Google+ (68 people). They are active on their social networks and responding to people not just blasting out messages like some other companies (won’t mention any names) are continuing to do.

I’d love to get into more details on their social media but we’ll keep this for another post. With some social media guidance Tahoe Mountain Sports can make their business even more social and connect with more people on the web in pursuit of adventure and sport clothing and accessories.
4. Mobile Site
Tahoe Mountain Sports mobile experience is not your typical scrolling website but an actual mobile site optimized for smart phones and tablets. Simple and easy you can now purchase a jacket or whatever you need directly from your cell phone.  As more and more people are using their smart phones and tablets businesses need to adapt their website for mobile devices to make user experience better. This one is a no brainer. The Tahoe Mountain Sports staff reported an increase of 113% in traffic since the mobile site launched and that’s just the beginning. Does your business have one?
5. Email Marketing
Just like one would expect seeing their website, social and mobile efforts so far, their email marketing efforts don’t disappoint either. Their emails are not overwhelming. Most include sales information, some are in an effort to get you to return as a customer. If I could sign up for even more relevant offers based on my activities and interests, that would be even better. There are currently four categories that one can sign up for.
I liked getting this offer in my inbox from Mountain Travel Sports. It’s a good way to try to convince me to go back to shopping. Plus, using a first name in an email is always a guarantee to get your attention.
6. Most importantlystore experience. 
One can argue that just because they have a strong digital, mobile and social presence they don’t necessary have a good brick and mortar store experience. I’ve been to their store a few times and I have to say they are some of the friendliest and knowledgeable people I know in Tahoe. I spent 15 minutes with the store owner Dave yesterday talking about ski helmets. He knows his products and understands how to take care of customers. I enjoy visiting and supporting his store and I’ll continue to do so online and offline.
Have you had any experience with Tahoe Mountain Store? Please, share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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