Terribly Disappointing Experience with Chrysler Corporation

Terribly Disappointing Experience with Chrysler Corporation

This post is based on personal experience with Chrysler Corporation. It has been so disappointing and discouraging that I feel the need to share it with everyone who may be considering purchasing a Dodge or Chrysler.

OK, here are the facts.

1. We purchased a Dodge 2500 RAM 2009 diesel truck in July 2009. Purchasing price for it $49,298.04. Yes, that’s a lot of money! As taxpayers in this country, we decided it was the right thing to do and support an American company in tough economic times. Only if we knew what was going to happen!

2. The truck turned out to be a lemon. A month after we purchased it, the dealership – Carson Dodge replaced all tires and drive shaft due to excessive vibration at 40-50 mph. In less than a year from purchasing it,  the truck started breaking down every month with emissions problems. Carson Dodge attempted to repair it every time, all 8 (eight) times between 6/10/2010 – 10/13/2010.

3. Chrysler Corporation and Cummings (the engine manufacturer) have stated in writing that the issue is not repairable due to altitude, temperature and driving. Can someone please, explain this to me?

4. In the meantime, we have been inconvenienced by not having the reliable, dependable, great truck we thought we purchased and have had to find alternative ways of transportation, change our lifestyle and travel plans and lose wages and personal time on dealing with this issue. This doesn’t even take into account the aggravation of having to deal with this ongoing issue.

5. We wrote a letter to Chrysler Corporation on 09/19/2010 and up to this date have not received a response back. The only attempt to resolve the issue has been through a third party group called Impartial Services Group via phone calls. They have offered to purchase the truck back for $40,765.57, a difference of $8,532.47. This number takes into consideration mileage put on the truck (11,416 miles at the amount of $4,998.15) and still to be disclosed information on the remaining $3,534.32.

6. We received a voicemail on 10/18/2010 from Impartial Services Group offering the purchase back price with the option that if we agree to the amount, we can just call them back and leave a voicemail and they will issue us a check. We have nothing in writing from Chrysler Corporation, Impartial Services Group or Carson Dodge.

7. In the meantime, we still own a lemon truck that continues to have issues which Carson Dodge refuses to fix because “it’s unfixable” while we have a completely unacceptable offer on the table. Based on Chrysler Corporation letter dated 10/07/2010, we should just continue to drive it with the engine light on. The letter also states: “If your check engine light starts to flash or you experience a drivability issue, you will then need to have it towed to our dealership for repairs”. Hmmm, and I thought it wasn’t repairable.

From a customer service standpoint, this experience is completely unacceptable. Instead of taking advantage of taxpayers in such an unscrupulous manner, Chrysler and Dodge need to stand up and do the right thing for Americans. It’s not a surprise that foreign manufacturers have taken such a large market share in this country.

What would happen if Chrysler simply said: “We apologize for the inconvenience we have caused you. Here’s a full refund on the truck. We hope you decide to give us another try and continue to be our loyal customer”. Is this too much to ask?

Word of Mouth is the most powerful marketing tool. 18% of people believe advertising. 92% believe what their family and friends tell them. Thanks to technology, an individual has the power to tell thousands of people online with a click of a mouse and many people in the real world about a horrible or an excellent experience they’ve had with a brand.

This will be my start to tell the world about Chrysler’s horrible customer service. I will make it my mission to tell everyone I meet about it. As my career is in marketing and social media I meet many people online and offline. I will use Chrysler Corporation as a case study in every presentation I make, every workshop I conduct and every “Bad Customer Service” example I share. Honestly, I’m tired of SHITTY CUSTOMER SERVICE and Corporate America screwing the working man. Thanks to technology, we now have a voice.

Chrysler, I hope you are listening!

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  1. Jim H.


    I bought a 2002 Dodge Dakota, new off the lot. Less then a year later, my speedometer went haywire. Next my windshield wipers quit. I was living in BC, Canada at the time (even though I bought the truck in the US), and took it to a Dodge dealership. They refused to handle it as a warranty issue. After many phone calls, they decided to split the cost of the repairs with me meaning I had to pay out over $400 AND lose my truck for 2.5 weeks while they repaired it. Not even a month later, the problems popped up again. They blamed it on a faulty wiring harness that was letting water in. Another 2 weeks with no truck.

    I moved back to the states and sold it immediately.

    Biggest piece of junk ever. I’ve had Chevy, Nissan, Toyota, but Dodge was the worst of them all. Never again.

    I feel your pain. Sorry to hear you’re still getting screwed.

    • Milena Regos


      Hi Jim,
      thank you for your comment. It sure appears there is a trend here. It’s really too bad to hear that an American company doesn’t care about their customers yet can take thousands of dollars from American taxpayers. I will see what they end up doing in this case. It’s been nothing but disappointments so far. I hope they can turn it around and prove to the American people that they deserve their support and money.

  2. Nora


    I’m in the process of writing to The Chrysler Corporation concerning my 2008 Town & Country Touring Van, but now I’m wondering if it’s worth the effort? I purchased this van in July, 2010. I only had 40,000 miles on it. Within the first month I had to replace both the right front and left front wheel bearings (total cost-$700). The next month I replaced a cracked air filter housing (total cost-$80 plus $20 labor). There have been FIVE RECALLS on this van. Now it’s leaking anti-freeze and a $200 replacement part has been ordered, and I’m told there will be 2-3 hours of labor tacked on to that price. Also…one of the key fobs “died”. It would not start the vehicle. Took it by the dealership last night and had it tested. It is “dead”, to the tune of $170 for a new fob and $80 to program it. It’s on back order because there are so many (was told almost 2,000) that have been ordered. That indicates strongly to me that there is a HUGE problem with the fobs. If I can ever get all these things fixed and paid for… I’m trading it in, even though I know I’ll take a loss. I’m afraid to drive it.

    • Milena Regos


      Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. I have to admit that after I was able to get in contact with Chrysler, they have been amazing to work with and they are making us very happy customers. I’ll give more details in a few days. I hope you can find someone who can resolve your issue. Maybe try contacting Chrysler directly and avoid the dealership? All the best, Milena

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  4. James


    I bought a new Chrysler 300S on 2/15/12. This is literally the 10th NEW chrysler product I have bought and the 15th in total. I currently own a few newer plow trucks that I use for work.

    I took delivery of my new car on 2/15/12 and it had 18 miles on it. Within the first mile I noticed a large amount of shaking at highway speeds. I contacted the dealer and was only given the option to leave a voicemail. The next morning (odometer now reading 45 miles) the check engine light came on.

    Well now it’s a month and a half later, I still have the same issues plus a bunch of new electrical issues. I’ve had the vehicle at the dealership 3 times, spoken to Chrysler customer (lack of) service 9 times, Impartial Service once and I’m still stuck with a broken car.

    I’m told by the dealer that they “do not have the proper equipment” to service and repair my vehicle. Then when I contact other local dealers they can’t help me because my vehicle has been worked on too many times by another local dealer so they can’t touch it. Then Chrysler offers NO help whatsoever, and impartial services doesn’t return calls. I’m literally stuck with a car that I paid $47,000 for a month and a half ago that is unsafe to drive.

    I will most certainly be selling off ALL of my Chrysler products within the next few months and buying foreign.

    • Milena Regos


      Hi James,
      thank you for your comment and sorry to hear about your challenge. I have forwarded your email to Chrysler and hopefully they will respond to you and be able to help you. As a loyal Chrysler customer you deserve the great customer service they ended up providing me with. Stay tuned for more. All the best, Milena

      • etwagner22


        I am in the same situation you were. Ram 2500 6.7 2008, check engine light at least 28 times (yes I’m stubborn). Waiting for offer from ISG tomorrow. Hoping for MSRP to MSRP, they started talking about mileage, as I think they did with you. You alluded to the fact they finally gave you a good offer.  Should I expect the run around during the process. I’ve read that others have gotten full price for their vehicle. If you can, would you mind sharing your experience with me. Thanks in advance.
        Ed Wagner
         720-383-1965 or etwagner22@comcast.net

        • milenaregos1


          @etwagner22 Hi! As I mentioned Chrysler did make it good for me and provided a great replacement value for the original truck that left us satisfied. I don’t think it’s fair to charge for miles on a defective product but every case is different. I would suggest working with their customer service department to get your case resolved. My best advice is to be persistent and don’t give in. They need to treat their customers right and for me they did. Good luck with it!

        • TanyaMadisonCunningham


          How did you get through to Chrysler customer service instead of just Impartial Services Group? We bought my husband a brand new Jeep Wrangler 2013 in January and two weeks later, it caught fire at a stop light. The cabin was filled with smoke (my daughter was in the car) and the fire daprtment had to be called. It has been over 5 weeks and the rep from Impartial Services Group has been rude and difficult. Any advice on navigating the process?
          Tanya Madison

          • Milena Regos


            Hi, so sorry to hear about these problems. We went straight to Chrysler’s customer service department and happened to find the right person to speak with. I didn’t like talking with the Impartial Services Group. What worked for me was Twitter and blogging. Good luck!

  5. davidr722


    @Milena Regos What address do you use to contact repsonsive person at Chrysler?

  6. davidr722


    We have a broken valve seat that our mechanic advises resulted from faulty material or design flaw. The valve seat collapsed and has been floating around in the head until now the engine has to be replaced. The car is a 2006  Jeep Commander, with  106,000 miles. Chrysler quoted our mechanice $5200 for the new part, but has not been able to locate it. Our mechanic has estimated about $2800 for labor to install it. Since it appears the seat was faulty from the beginning, we would like Chrysler to supply the replacement engine without cost. We would be willing to pay the mechanic directly. Looking at Google, it appears this problem is somehat endemic with these cars.