The Infographic Revolution. Generating Stunning Visuals + Refining your Digital strategy

The Infographic Revolution. Generating Stunning Visuals + Refining your Digital strategy TheDrillDown.com

In today’s fast paced environment few users have the time or resources to read a 2,000 word publication; Our fast paced lives’ desire today’s information, like yesterday.

Online users are exponentially more inclined to view a picture with stimulating visual information vs. traditional text. Studies show online users would opt for scrolling down visuals with graphs, charts, and pictures. Take for example some of the most popular social media channels today, in the last year alone Instagram and Pinterest have BLOWN UP! 



The online environment is well suited for visual learners. Graphical representations of information aid concepts and ideas more clearly. Infographics display worthy visual information presented in a combination of utilizing charts, tables, graphs, and images. Over the years users have interacted via e-mails, onto blogs, to Facebook updates, to tweets, and what is left, pictures. Obviously these various mediums have their niche for different purposes, but the world has gone visual amongst the clutter online. When creating an infogrpahic show personality, be creative, and simply have fun while relaying your message, users can easily decypher a generic template vs. stunning visuals containing character and originality.

Be creative! Share your INFO through great looking GRAPHICS

Tips to get the ball rolling:

-Visual timeline of  company’s history (great approach to leap start developing brand)

– Tactical Problems + Solutions

– Integrate cool ideas with fun themes (foods, holidays, recognition)

– Start simple and become more complex

– Explain a process of workflow



Great example on how to create an awesome Infographic:


” This infographic is courtesy of Visualization “

” This infographic is courtesy of Visualization “

 “Brands that can rock visual media will find themselves market leaders.”

Ekaterina Walter, Intel’s social media strategist @ekaterina


Get creative, get noticed, & get on the visual bandwagon!

-Travis Shelton Marketing Strategist, Out&About Marketing

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