The Power of YouTube videos for your Brand

The Power of YouTube videos for your Brand

YouTube has become an important part to any social media campaign. It has also proven its effectiveness in making or breaking a brand. I’ll give you 3 examples from the past few months that if nothing else should clearly show you the importance of YouTube to any brand, any company and any person. YouTube is not just videos posted by teenagers and viewed by their peers. YouTube has become a lot more and if used wisely could really bring attention to your company at a very affordable cost, eyeballs and brand recognition.

1. Susan Boyle singing sensation

The news picked up the story of this phenomenal singer and within days the YouTube video went from 1,578,735 views (this is what it was recorded on it when I wrote my previous post) to 19,233,462 views as of the writing of this blog. This is only in a matter of 3 days. As a matter of fact by the time I finished the blog, the video had accumulated another 2,000,000 views within an hour.  In addition to this video, there are millions more views on other videos that are on Susan Boyle. Her amazing singing and performance will continue to grow virally with the power of the Internet. Of course, main news stories picked up the video and it’s been all over traditional media but the viral effect of YouTube and the power it has to build a brand has been proved.There is already an official website for Susan Boyle. At the time of this post, there were 2,355,880 blogs  written that included her name. She went from a no one to a star within a matter of hours. That’s the power of YouTube!


2. The Domino’s Effect

Domino’s spent years building their brand only to be destroyed in seconds by the YouTube video posted by two of their employees. Domino’s has been active in social media with a Twitter account, YouTube account, Facebook page and MySpace page. Domino’s video has been pulled from YouTube since then but you can still see it here if you really want to watch Domino’s employees doing disgusting things to food which is being prepared for customers. The employees say they created the video as a “prank” and since then have been fired from the company. The company itself called them “idiots”. The lesson here is that anyone with a video camera and an Internet connection can do a lot more damage to your company than you can imagine. Another lesson for these two people is that they may discover that finding a new job just got a lot harder for them  and it doesn’t have anything to do with the state of the economy. As a potential employer would you really want to hire a person whose face was on traditional and social media associated with a “prank” on their current employer. This is certainly a bad choice for showing how you are being active in social media.

Domino’s has responded to the “prank” with their own video:


The video has been seen by 353,466 viewers as of the time of this post.

MediaCurves released a survey on how effective the Domino’s apology video has been.

Among the findings:

“Which of the following actions are you likely to perform in the next three months?”

Before Viewing Prank Video

After Viewing Prank Video

After Viewing Apology Video

Total (n=243)

Total (n=243)

Total (n=243)

Go to a Domino’s




Order Domino’s for delivery




Visit Dominos’ web site




Search for information on Domino’s




Watch an advertisement/
commercial on Domino’s




“Do you think the apology response video released by Domino’s USA President, Patrick Doyle, was effective in rectifying and restoring Domino’s image after this incident?”








For more information about this study, you can visit MediaCurves.

This is a story on how a brand can be destroyed with the help of YouTube.

3. ‘The Best job in the World” by Tourism Queensland

One of my favorite examples of how effectively to use social media to generate brand awareness and start up a conversation. Tourism Queensland released a contest for the best job int he world – a caretaker for one of their islands and a person who would blog about their experience while on Hamilton island for a year. Brilliant! The application had to be submitted via a YouTube video. Tourism Queensland put a nice package for the job that included accommodation, travel insurance, and get this: $150,000 AUS for 1 year period. What’s does the job entail? Blogging, traveling on the islands and doing a lot of snorkeling, swimming with the fish, kayaking, sailing, and bushwalking. Amazing! It sounds great right? What’s the catch? Nothing. They are looking to create buzz about their destination and continue the buzz online.  A brilliant idea and awesome execution. They had 34,000 applications for the job from 22 countries. That’s 34,000 youtube videos of people saying why they are the perfect candidate for the job. The news went viral from just one press release and got also picked up by main news agencies around the world. It sure put Queensland on the map. They are still going with their process and the final candidate should be picked up in the first week of May. Stay tuned for more news coming up from this beautiful destination.


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  2. Erik Rolfsen

      |   reply

    I wanted to put into context the number of people who have watched Susan Boyle’s video, so I did a blog post containing a few comparisons: Roughly speaking, it was watched by as many people in its first week as the 36th highest-grossing movie of all time.

  3. Susan Boyle

      |   reply

    Yep – seems like Youtube has a lot of influence over the media these days. Unfortunately, I think what gets noticed is mostly based on luck, so it’s not necessarily a great way to promote something – seems impossible to manipulate.

    With that said – I definitely won’t be eating Domino’s again anytime soon! Good thing I’m a Pizza Hut person…

  4. milenaregos

      |   reply

    Thank you for your comment. I would suggest that to be successful with YouTube you need to create something viral and interesting. People want to watch things that are interesting. You can successfully promote your brand but if you put things on YouTube that have been carefully thought out as to how to generate more viewership. Good news create views. Bad news create views. Think of what excites people and what people talk about in the office. Office gossip is news that travels fast. It just depends on the brand / company you are trying to get attention with. Have you heard of the Blend it campaign. Check it out. It was a well thought marketing campaign that generated a lot of views and dollars. Thank you again for your input. I appreciate it.

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