TripAdvisor introduces the new property dashboard and snapshot – great tool for marketers

TripAdvisor introduces the new property dashboard and snapshot – great tool for marketers

We love analytics and social media metrics that can help us understand what’s going on with our properties. TripAdvisor just released the new Snapshot and Property Dashboard in your business listing that will help you capture the full gamut of your activities.

The Snapshot

The Snapshot highlights the day to day key metrics about your property. This data is very useful for property managers to spot trends that can have an impact on your business.

The Snapshot will give you access to your performance on TripAdvisor each week.



The Snapshot will provide you with some basic information such as:

  • Total number of reviews
  • Total number of management responses
  • Overall ranking within your location
  • Overall rating from travelers

The Property Dashboard

The Property dashboard is only available to business listings subscribers. It will give you a lot more in-depth analytics. To become a business subscriber, you need to go through the process. It’s a powerful marketing tool for hotels with a fee.

TripAdvisor new analytics tool will give you valuable information about your property, such as:

  • Information about your visitors – where they are coming from, why they travel, how long they plan to stay
  • Visits to page for the past 3, 6, 12 months data, year to date or year over year
  • Competitors performance, including TripAdvisor rating, total reviews, reviews in the past 30 days, total comment trends, total photos, active special offers

With all this valuable information it’s worth to look into purchasing the business subscription.

Use the data to learn more about your customers, your competitors and find ways to improve your TripAdvisor ratings and positive customer reviews. This kind of data is invaluable when it comes to getting an un-depth analysis of your customers.

You can get the complete guide from TripAdvisor on how to use these two features. Are you actively using TripAdvisor for your property? Tell us how.


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