Tusker Trail

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Crowdsourced Facebook contest

The Challenge

Tusker Trail is an adventure travel company that leads treks in countries all around the world. They came to us with the challenge of helping them improve their social media efforts, increase brand awareness for the company, increase engagement and generate interest in their treks. They wanted to be positioned as the leader in the industry in the social media space.

The Solution

A crowdsourced multi-channel campaign was created engaging their audience on social media and allowing them to participate in the decision making process for adding a new trek to Tusker Trail line-up of treks. We decided to keep it very simple with a one click vote and added an incentive for winning a free trek. To follow up on the contest, an email marketing strategy to the newly acquired email database with a total of 5 email newsletters was written up providing valuable information about the new destination and trekking.

The Execution

Using Shortstack, we created a Facebook campaign and implemented it on Tusker Trail website. Encouraging people to vote for their favorite trek, participants were able to choose one trek out of eight. To make sure we reached the maximum amount of people we took a multi faceted approach to the campaign and integrated PR, Google Ads, email marketing , Facebook ads, banners on the website and a mobile optimized landing page. The campaign was very interactive allowing people to vote for a destination of their choice every day. We kept it fresh by using different images and travel facts about each destination daily, keeping the campaign active online for 8 weeks.

When it comes to promoting a campaign, traditional efforts are still valuable. Tusker Trail’s local PR efforts landed them stories in a variety of travel outlets including About.com, Adventure Travel News, and The Adventure Travel. These placements extended the reach of the campaign immensely.

The Results

1,817 email addresses

16,174 contest views

4,622 votes

353 Facebook likes

298,255 impressions

121,282 reach

Facebook ad campaign

From September 12 through October 31, 2014, Tusker Trail ran Facebook ad campaigns and were able to garner 298,255 impressions and 12,848 clicks at $0.26 per click.

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The Importance of Follow-Up

Having follow-up communication after your campaign ends may just be the most critical and most missed opportunity for many brands. In the case of Tusker Trail, five follow-up email messages were created specifically to this email list to continue engagement and provide additional value. Keeping the emails full of extra opportunities and exclusive deals added value and kept people interested in receiving communication from Tusker Trail. Some of these leads ended up purchasing treks from the company within weeks of the contest ending. In the era of personalized marketing, the follow-up process is extremely important and one that should not be overlooked.