Twitter chat room for tourism and travel marketing professionals

Twitter chat room for tourism and travel marketing professionals

Twitter is a great medium to meet new people, network, exchange ideas and get advice.

In the spirit of Twitter, I launched a new chat room under the hashtag of #mrktchat. You can search for #mrktchat on Twitter or pull it up on your TweetDeck, Seeismic, etc desktop application to see everyone that has joined in. It’s a free place for people to gather and exchange ideas.

This Thursday, Oct 1st, at 2pm PST Eric Hoffman- @eric_hoffman from Park City and myself – @milenaregos are going to lead a discussion on Twitter under #mrktchat. Join us for an interactive session and get creative on how to exchange ideas in 140 characters. Some of the topics that we will cover in this first session are:

– Building brand evangelists 140 characters at a time

– Is social media a function of marketing? PR? Sales? Customer Service?

– What keep you awake at night? How are you changing your marketing to adapt to the new world/economy/media?

– Summer travel and predictions/implications for winter?

What other topics would you like to discuss? What suggestions do you have?

This is your place. Use it. I would like to keep the focus on marketing for travel and tourism. I hope it becomes a popular place on Twitter for marketing professionals, PR people, sales and customer service people interested and involed in travel and tourism. Help us grow it!

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