Twitter Tools Part 1

Twitter Tools Part 1

This is a series of tools specific to Twitter designed for the novice to intermediate user.

1. What is Twitter?

Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that enables you to engage and communicate in less than 140 characters. You can create an account on You can add your photo and a profile which is visible to anyone on the net. You can start following people and people can follow you. You can post updates on Twitter – anything from silly updates about what you are doing to promoting your business or valuable updates to your followers. You can share news, articles that you are reading, pictures, weather and traffic updates, product information, blog entries and whatever else you want.

2. Where do you find people to follow?

You can use to find interesting people to follow.  You can also subscribe to Mr Tweet which is a software program that suggests who you could be following and who of your followers you can follow.

3. Why will people follow you?

Because you post things that are valuable and informative. Because you engage with people and have conversations with them. Because you are being yourself and not blasting advertising information to fellow Twitters.

You can add yourself to Twellow which is a directory for people on Twitter, think of it as the Twitter Yellow Pages. JustTweetIt is another directory where you can add yourself for for other people to find.

You can add your twitter name to your business card, website, email signature, newsletter or blog if you have it, Facebook and all other social media.

Go ahead and jump in. Join Twitter. You will learn fast about how to use it. Be warned – it’s time consuming and very addictive!

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