Twitter Tools Part 2

Twitter Tools Part 2

This is Part 2 of my blog on how to use Twitter effectively. This blog is for the more advanced user which means you have a few months of active Twittering under your belt and you want to become more proficient and hone your skills. This post is for the more tech-savvy people and people who are interested in learning how to use Twitter for business. This post is a combination of links that I have gathered on the topic and it will require that you spend the time reading them. Enjoy!

Twitter Lessons from Who’s Blogging What – anything from the Do’s and Don’t of using Twitter for business to to 10 Tips to be Effective at Marketing on Twitter

Twitter for Business – Building an effective business profile on Twitter. A good write up on how to use Twitter for your company.

The Life of a Twitter link – How long do you think your post lives on Twitter? Do you want to find out? Here’s a good article on it.

12 ways to find brands and companies on Twitter – pretty self explanatory

How to run a successful contest on Twitter – I like this one because it gives you a real life example of how you can use Twitter to spark interest in your company.

10 tips for getting new followers on Twitter – there are many collections on this topic but I liked this post. Short and sweet.

20 great Twitter tools for Firefox – for the more savvy of you who enjoy Firefox and like to combine it with Twitter. Here are a few tools that will help you.

I hope you found these posts and links useful. Let me know if you are interested in anything else.

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