Two brands that put experience before marketing at Wanderlust Festival

Two brands that put experience before marketing at Wanderlust Festival

Wanderlust Festival is a yoga and music festival that brings over 20,000 people together for four days to celebrate yoga, build a community, learn, explore and enjoy nature. This last weekend the festival was at Squaw Valley, right in my backyard and I truly enjoyed all the activities and the amazing yoga. My entire body is still tingling from the energy.

Companies are also attracted to this event as sponsors, set up elaborate trade booths and give away free product samples, information and coupons to festival goers. I was able to check out many new brands and will definitely become a loyal consumer for some of them. Unfortunately, there will be no real tracking for these brands from the event except for actual sales in stores. But is it always about the ROI?

Two companies stood out for me this year at the event for going above and beyond the typical marketing approach and focusing more on the experience and less on marketing.

Lululemon had a huge board with different badges you could choose from and make a commitment for the weekend as something to work on or wear just for fun. All weekend long you could see people wearing the badges. No where on them it said Lululemon but people loved them and wore them. I still have mine and I’m still working on my goal but it’s a nice reminder.

Lululemon board at Wanderlust Festival


The second brand I want to give props to, is Kind Snacks. Their  booth had plenty of pretty flowers that you could take and give to people at the festival as random kind of kindness. I love the idea, it made people smile and brought even more happiness to the festival. Kind was of course active on social media and responding to people’s tweets. See below. Cool idea that puts experience before marketing. Of course having the #kindawesome hashtag helps.

Kind snacks at Wnderlust festival

kind tweet


My lesson from the festival: Instead of trying to figure out how to be amazing, try to work on being useful for your community. These two brands got it right. Bravo!



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