U2, YouTube and Social Media ROI

U2, YouTube and Social Media ROI

U2 took over social media with their live concert on YouTube. Comments and conversations about the show took over Twitter and Facebook. People from 7 continents have logged onto their computers to watch the show live from Rose Bowl and to share their experiences live – on Facebook and Twitter.

What I like about U2 using social media and what they did very well:

  1. Content

People say content is king. U2 definitely has the content to go viral worldwide. They are giving it away for free. People are talking about them in different languages. U2 just created word of mouth marketing that reached out to millions and millions of people. They have set the stage and opened the horizons not just for the entertainment industry but the future of the Internet, social media and the way people consume content.

2. Making sharing easy


You could post your comment to your Facebook or Twitter account rigth from YouTube without leaving the site. Allowing to share the word about the concert increased visits to YouTube and contributed to even higher viral effect.


3. Call to Action

Again, right on the screen you have the option to take 4 different actions with direct correlation to social media ROI:

1. Buy the Album -I would love to find out how many albums they actually sold through this action. I’m sure the numbers will be available soon.

2. Join their newsletter- again, I’d be interested in seeing how many people subscribed to their newsletter and ultimately turned into loyal customers, i.e purchasing their music.

3. Visit U2.com – easy tracking with website visits and additional actions taken on their website.

4. Donate to (RED) – a good tie in with a non-profit organization and dollar amount from this donation would be one more measurement for their social media actions.

4.Social Media ROI – Results

I’m sure information about the 4 call to actions outlined above will soon be released as to the actual ROI from the concert.

During the concert I logged into Twitter to listen to the additional buzz this awesome social media campaign generated.

Besides owning 3 of the top 10 trends on Twitter, there was roughly 250 tweets every 3 seconds.

You Tube generated 1.3 million views

There were 100,000+million comments on YouTube

Yes, U2 set up the stage for creating buzz on social media. I can’t wait to read the blog posts on the ROI of social media for them. Once I get some more figures, I’ll be sure to update this post. Everyone on Facebook and Twitter are voicing their opinion about U2 – positive or negative. How is U2 going to digest the conversation and take it to the next level? Possibly announcing their 2010 tour dates was part of the plan. All I know is that U2 embraced social media with open arms and there will be more to follow soon.

And YouTube role in all this? Maybe they are planning on getting more involved with streaming video or have a plan to sell advertising on their site.

What do you think?

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