Using Web Video Marketing

Using Web Video Marketing

Videos are extremely powerful marketing tool and can be used very well in business. People like to watch not read and videos can sometimes showcase your product much better than any press release or print ad will.  With social media gaining more and more momentum and people spending countless hours consuming user-generated content, videos will become a part of your overall marketing mix. Did you know that it will take you 460+ years to watch all videos on YouTube?  It’s fairly easy to integrate videos in your overall marketing campaign. You just need some strategy, creativity, a Flip camera and some time.
I found this great presentation from ReelSEO on how to incorporate videos in your online press releases. You can use videos to help with your SEO efforts as well.
There are some excellent video stats in this presentation. I recommend that you quickly read through it. As marketers, we need to know how to use this medium well. Even a small business can benefit from videos distributed online on various portals.
Do you use video for your business? What have you found that works or doesn’t work?

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