Watch Milena Regos live with Lake Tahoe Television

Watch Milena Regos live with Lake Tahoe Television

Watch Milena Regos live at the Lake Tahoe Television studios on South Shore Lake Tahoe


I had the opportunity  to do a live TV interview today with Lake Tahoe Television. You can watch 2 short YouTube videos below.

Out&About Marketing beliefs, passions, work and clients

This 4 min segment covers the nature of Out&About Marketing, what we believe in, who we work with and what we do. We believe in creating engagement marketing for lifestyle brands. We also believe in getting rid of shitty marketing in the world. OK, I didn’t say that in the interview. But I said a lot more:


Out&About Marketing virtual team environment and growing plans

This 2 min segment covers the team environment at Out&About Marketing as a virtual engagement marketing firm for lifestyle brands. We also talked about working with local talent and the opportunity to get a job with Out&About Marketing. If you are interested in full time employment with an engagement marketing company for lifestyle brands located in Incline Village, Nevada and you have experience in social media marketing, content marketing, Google Analytics, SEO, SEM, CRM, digital marketing, visual marketing, PR or project management then watch this. By the way, we walked out of the office with a business card for a potential candidate. Good deal.



If you need help getting your company to the next level and coming up with a strategy for how to increase brand awareness and revenues, you can contact us directly.

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