What are Facebook posts worth to brands and hot social media tips.

What are Facebook posts worth to brands and hot social media tips.

While at Wanderlust Festival last weekend, I stopped at a trade booth that caught my attention (I don’t want to disclose the company name as they are a good company). They had come up with an idea to get people interested in their product which I’m sure took at least a few marketing meetings.  They would give you a T-shirt for $10 and you could customize the T-shirt with their logo anywhere you wanted on the t-shirt. If you were to take a photo and post it to your Facebook or Twitter account, then the T-shirt was only $7. So , there you have it. A company decided that a Facebook post or a tweet PROMOTING their brand is worth $3. I’m calling this a poorly executed trade marketing and social media campaign.  I hope they learn before next year and give away the t-shirts to people willing to promote them on their social networks. #socialmediafail

Below is a summary of a few posts that grabbed my attention this week worth your time: 

  1. The current state of social networks 2012 – A good infographic with demographic data about each social network and rise and decline of the main social platforms from Media Bistro. Reading time: 2 min.
  2. 85% of Facebook users are creating content – states AdAge article, seems high but they count everything towards that content creation from posting a photo or a post to liking. In summary, 25- to 44-year-olds are heavily into location-based check-ins, while young adults overindexed on messaging and status updates. Reading time: 3 min.
  3. Marketing to Women – keep these 3 facts in mind – Mashable’s article reminds marketers that women control 85% of the purchasing power in the US so chances are that you are marketing to women. They are also more engaged than men on Facebook and like to use social media to connect with family and friends but getting a good deal is not far behind.
  4. How much money should you spend on social media? Take a look at this quick research to see what other marketers are spending. Reading time: 1 min.

You can read more hot social media tips, request a free social media assessment of your business or download Out&About Marketing’s Facebook best practices and tips to rock your Facebook page.

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