Who’s Doing it Best in the Fitness Industry – Equinox

Who’s Doing it Best in the Fitness Industry – Equinox

Check out who’s doing it best in the fitness industry

We took a look at various fitness brands and what they do on social media and one brand really stands out – the best in the fitness industry according to us is: Equinox.

It’s not Fitness. It’s Life. This is Equinox marketing slogan. But the one I like even better is #EquinoxMadeMeDoIt. I have been watching this brand for a while now since we worked with Hard Candy Fitness Toronto and identified them as one of our competitors. Right then, I was immediately impressed with the quality of their social media presence. I still love their yoga video, which now has close to 10 million views.


Even to these days, if I need to look up a new fitness tip or just need a little bit of motivation, I go to their social media channels to renew my sense of motivation. There’s no hate about it – it’s a pure love-love relationship between us.


What does Equinox do right that other fitness brands can learn from?

Well, a lot of things.

  • Quality of images, plus branding
  • Consistent posting schedule
  • No promotional messages
  • Conversational and inspirational
  • Providing value to their community with well crafted content such as how to tie your hair:

BUT the best part about their presence:

  • A voice with a personality and humor 

Equinox humor1

Equinox Humor2

Equinox Humor3

Equinox Humor4

Equinox Humor5

Equinox humor6

These are hilarious- but it’s not just for kicks. Do you know why Equinox continues to use them? Because they are their highest engaging tweets. This type of content that is entertaining and humorous is working. And Equinox knows it. Humor is a great connector between our audiences and our brand – and when a brand decides to let that element shine, it humanizes them in the process.

Authenticity and Finding Balance

Every company needs to find their own authentic voice and find balance in using promotional messages and providing content of value to your audience.  I enjoyed seeing these messages from Equinox that have nothing to do with being motivational or inspirational. We all know that we need to hit the gym and stay on top of our workouts to achieve the fitness level we want.

But every once and a while we need a break too. Making a point of saying this in their social media message requires courage. It makes them honest, real, and authentic in a way that separates them from the rest of the macho, brawn, unrealistic gym presences online.


Valuable content – it’s not all about the gym

They say eating is 80% of exercising. Why then aren’t more health clubs discussing eating well? Not everything has to do with lifting weights or the latest group activity craze.

Fitness diet


Tons of Innovation and Fitness Tips

You won’t find these tips elsewhere – Equinox has established themselves as not only a great brand, but they’ve established themselves as a leader in their industry.

Equinox Fitness Tips

Equinox Fitness Tips


Be Different

When everybody in the fitness industry talks about #MondayMotivation, Equinox takes a stand and declares every day a day to stay fit. I’ve never understood Monday Motivation anyway. You just took off a couple of days to rest and now you need motivation to get back in the gym?

monday motivation


Well Thought out Promotions

A timed offer with a well designed landing page that is accessible from the Equinox Facebook page.

Eqinox promo

Equinox Landing Page

What could have they done better? Include a direct link to the promotion from Twitter instead of linking people to the website. And if this wasn’t their goal, at least pin a tweet to the top of their profile so people are aware of the promotion. The same (direct link to the special offer) goes for their Instagram account.

But maybe in trying to stick with the minimalist approach to self-promotion they purposefully decided against it. Or maybe they want to measure their Facebook efforts. I’d love to hear back from the Equinox social media team so we can add to this blog post.


Yes, their engagement ranks in the top 10 fitness brands in the country according to this Simply Measured blog post. Although just looking at their Facebook page, they have been able to increase engagement since that write up by Simply Measured. One of their engaging posts had to do with a video.

Equinox video

Cause Marketing

Cause marketing is a great way to create good will and get people excited and motivated to do something for a good cause. Equinox partners up with various organizations in an effort to change lives.

cause marketing

A Really Great Blog

One of my favorite things about Equinox is their well written blog. Their topics cover anything from nutrition to sunscreen products to what to wear on a plane, it’s a well thought out magazine for fitness fans. Plus – it is a great supplement for their social media accounts – a purposeful way to drive users back to their website without seeming promotional.

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