Who’s doing it best on social media in Lake Tahoe?

Who’s doing it best on social media in Lake Tahoe?

February Who’s Doing it Best on Social Media in Lake Tahoe recognition from Out&About Marketing goes to………….Northstar California or the way they used to be called Northstar-at-Tahoe. (You can read more about the name change in the #mrktchat open group on Facebook, just search for #mrktchat on Facebook to find a great explanation from Davy Ratchford, Northstar Director of Marketing on why the rebranding and name change).

Why did Northstar catch our attention this month and receive recognition out of all other Lake Tahoe businesses doing great things on social media?

For their tweeting.

They are not just tweeting like most corporations their size do, they have actually trained their CEO and management staff to tweet as well on behalf of the brand in their own voice creating more authentic and powerful Twitter feed. And we like authenticity.

Props to Adam Hawes (@Adam_Hawes) Northstar’s Online Marketing Manager for persuading and coaching his higher ups in the importance of tweeting. Adam likes to keep his tweets youthful, happy and full of enthusiasm for skiing. The way it should be. Adam also responded within hours to my request for an online interview (see below). Did I mention it was an awesome powder day? Double bonus points. This guy gets it.

A couple of tweet examples, starting with the VP/COO of Northstar, Bill Rock keeping it authentic.

Bill Rock, CEO of Northstar

Just a suggestion here for Bill Rock would be to make his Twitter bio a little bit more personal. Otherwise, keep up the great work. The are very few companies out there that can say their CEO tweets and engages on a regular basis. Nice!

One can also get the news from Northstar if they follow Davy Ratchford, Northstar’s Director of Marketing. No surprises here as tweeting is pure communication and marketing and communication is one and the same thing.  Davy does a good job responding to customers and posting timely updates from the resort.

Northstar gets kudos for not linking their Facebook feed into their Twitter account like so many other brands do. They seem to understand the importance of conversations, customer service and guests engagement on Twitter. With a Klout score of 59 (for what Klout is worth), Northstar is influential about Lake Tahoe, Skiing and Snow staying focused with their messages.

I took a quick look at Northstar‘s Twitter reach to see what kind of impact their tweets realize. Although followed by close to 7,000 peeps, their potential reach came to 31,180 for their last 50 tweets with high number of retweets and replies and 81,187 total impressions. Not bad at all. My question is: Have they been able to monetize their Twitter account or is this not a goal at this stage?

I initiated an online interview with Adam Hawes, Northstar Online Marketing Manager and asked a few Twitter related questions. You can read the questions and answers below:

Q1. Please, describe you Twitter Strategy?
A: The Twitter strategy for Northstar California Resort (@SkiNorthstar) involves several different and unique pathways, including: News Updates, Sr. Management Communication, Ski/Snow Reporting, On-Site Promotions, Guest Interactions, Public Relations, Resort Experience, and overall Positive Community Management.
Beginning each morning (before or by 6:30am PST) and continuing throughout the day, @SkiNorthstar provides up-to-the-minute destination information to our Guests and partner digital outlets, as well as address all Skiing/Resort questions, travel inquiries, and more.

Q2. What is your engagement strategy?
A: The connection between @SkiNorthstar and our Skiers, Riders and Guests is paramount. Enhancing and providing a personalized digital communication to their Experience is priority #1; the ongoing dialogue between Guest and service provider is of the utmost importance. We make sure to have fun and keep things positive and light-hearted, yet take seriously that questions need answers; at all times, our Guests more than deserve an attentive and honest response from Northstar.
Always kept at the forefront of our online actions, is the knowledge that without our incredible audiences and Following, these digital communities would cease to exist. The outlets are developed, managed and curated for our amazing Guests, first and foremost.
As well, by ReTweeting and involving our Senior Management Staff and their accounts into our main @SkiNorthstar account, the voices and messages of/from our Directors and Managers can be translated and heard by a much larger audience, providing a Resort-unique connection between Management and Guest.

Q3. How’s Twitter working for you (marketing, customer service)?
A: Twitter has been a powerful tool for Northstar, especially in the fields of Public Relations, Brand Communication, and most importantly, improving Guest Experience. Even in it’s simplest form: when arriving at the Mountain, we enjoy greeting (at random) several of our Guests that day, via Twitter. A simple—yet moving—way to welcome those to Northstar, and the results have been very positive. We love our Followers, and want them to feel as such; both when at Northstar, as well as at home.

Q4. What/how do you measure?
A: As far as Analytics and Metrics go, we dive fairly deep into the back-end numbers surrounding Twitter Engagement and Opportunity. More than just knowing how many RTs your account received that week, for example, would be utilizing these type of statistics to help shape our own Interactions. We strive to use the Engagement medium towards curating our own site, helping us to provide our Guests and Followers the best online experience possible, while maximizing potential.
As well: knowing who our most involved Followers are and their respective Reach—and then rewarding them. Monitoring when and where our traffic peaks and valleys, how to capitalize on Time Zones, unique tagging and its moderation (and how different Followers respond to these), targeting both macro and micro influential accounts, and much more.
In summary – Northstar wins February Who’s Doing it Best series. There are many other local Lake Tahoe businesses doing a great job on social media. If you know of one, leave a comment below to be considered for next month’s series. Until then, keep up the great work and enjoy the powder from the last storm!

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