Why content marketing is essential for your business? – Guest Post

Why content marketing is essential for your business? – Guest Post

It is hard to think of any business that would not have boarded the content marketing bandwagon by now. Every single entrepreneur knows how integral it is to reach out to people and connect with them. I have to say there are a lot of people, who still aren’t fully aware of what quality content is truly capable of doing for their business. Having that knowledge and that kind of clarity is crucial to reap the maximum benefits of all marketing efforts.

Knowing the true power of content allows marketers to better shape their marketing strategies. They can tweak and better modify it in accordance with the exact goals that are to be achieved from all the endeavors. Lack of that clarity can make a lot of your hard work go in vain, which is not something anyone would ever want. So, here’s what content marketing (if exploited to its full potential) can do for you brand and why exactly your business needs it.

Spreads brand awareness

That’s what content marketing efforts will do for your brand. Make it known. It may be very easy for your present customers to find you on the internet. But, what about those potential ones who don’t even know that you exist? Or, even if they do, they just don’t know enough to become a regular customer. Those people need to be informed of what your business stands for, how it could add value in their life, and anything that could draw their attention. The more brand awareness people have of your business, more they will think about trying out its products/services. If they don’t even know there exists a brand called xyz, there is no question of them ever thinking to even try what you have to offer.

Gets you found on the internet

Every day new startups are getting off the ground and competition is just getting more and more fierce. Increasing number of companies is making it all the more challenging to get heard and found by people on the internet. Content marketing intends to make the business listings appear on top of results for particular search queries and keywords. It’s the content marketing efforts and strategies that decide what placement a website will be given by search engines. Search engines willingly want to display websites with high quality content on top of results. When marketing strategies are well-planned, you won’t have to struggle too hard to get high ranking. The more people find you, the more the business will flourish, leads will increase, and so would final sales. More sales mean more profit and ultimately more growth.

Gives people strong reason(s) to switch to your brand

There are a lot of potential customers out there, who just need one good reason to switch to your brand. That’s all. Content marketing gives people that reason(s). People have created their comfort zones, which they don’t want to come out of. Even for something as simple as a bottle of hair shampoo I can find hundreds of products on the aisle of a supermarket, all claiming to be the best in business. People need reasons good enough to try out something new for a change. If they don’t find those reasons, they won’t make an effort to even try any other brand. I mean, why would they? That’s what content marketing does – it subtly persuades people on a psychological level to try something new for a change, other than what they have been using so far.

Builds fan-following by creating informed audiences

Information is power! Content is the way to help all those lost souls seeking answers to their problems, but can’t find them. Although internet is full of millions of self-help blogs and articles explaining how people can deal with their problems, but not all of them provide the spot-on solution. Content allows businesses to offer those lesser-known and real effective solutions. I am not saying that you start waxing philosophy on just about any random topic through content. I am talking about helping people in whatever ways you can that is relevant and connected with your business. Companies try to do that through blogging, articles, Ebooks, self-help videos, infographics, etc. If you are able to help people in even the slightest possible way, they would also make it a point to stick with you. Question and answer forums, case-studies, details of industry surveys; all these should be intended to supply helpful information. When you deliver quality information, the fan following will go on increasing.

Keeps them posted

How do you expect people to know what new products or services you have rolled out? Nobody is going to take time out of their busy schedule to see what your brand is up to. It’s your job to update them. That’s when stuff like newsletters, email blast campaigns, and press releases come in the picture. If you want to enjoy healthy ongoing relations with people, make it a part of your content marketing efforts to keep them posted of all the latest happenings. Otherwise customers will lose touch and feel disconnected. Also, people may have a lot of questions they would want to get answers to in terms of what your business stands for, its products and services, and whatnot. Content marketing makes it a point to proactively answer all the business-related queries as well as keep everyone updated of necessary information.

Turns customers into fans

You don’t want to become just a one-hit-wonder. Getting someone to try out your products/services for the very first time is not as difficult as to keep them coming back. By keeping the audiences engaged through information you get loyal fans, not just occasional customers. Content marketing is the way to facilitate exchange of ideas, information, and requests between business and customers. Social media posts, blogs, discussions – all these encourage people to enquire, ask questions, and initiate conversations. It creates that intrigue factor in the minds of people, and generates a sense of curiosity. Not just that, but keeping that intrigue and sense of devotion alive for as long as you are in the business, so that people stay loyal to you.

Let’s just say there is a lot more to content marketing campaigns than meets the eye. Marketers need to be fully aware of its real potential to use it to its maximum benefits.

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Shikha Menwal is a writer at ProofHub. Her academic credentials include a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences. From lifestyle, to technology, and management, etc. she has written about myriad of industries in her writing career during the last three years. In her free time she loves to watch comedy shows and read spiritual journalism.


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