Why is Social Media important

Why is Social Media important

Why is social media important? People like communicate and engage with each other. Social media networks only provides them with the tools to engage in the conversation. Marketers can no longer ignore the fact that people spend time on social networks. And they talk about the products and services they use. As a marketing professional, you need to start listening to what your customers are saying and the best way to do so is to go where people are going – whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or YouTube. In a recent post by Adam Singer he lists the 5 reasons you should learn about social media. You can read his very well written article here. Anything from learning to connect with your customers to learning the lingo and understanding how to increase traffic to your site. Chris Brogan, a leader in the social media area gives a good example of Sony’s use of social media. Chris also had a great compilation of lessons on social media.

With the economy not doing very good lately, many companies have cut their marketing budgets or are considering it and are exploring new ways to maintain their brand online. Social media provides a free or almost free platform to continue to engage with your customers. Be careful though – it takes a lot of time and you have to know what you are doing.

As Brian Solis says: “Social Media Marketing combines, in a perfect world, the most effective attributes of PR, Web Marketing, Customer Service, and a working knowledge and genuine enthusiasm of the social networks and tools to listen to, spark, and engage in relevant discussions – not all but, those with influence. Marketers in the social realm will also embrace social sciences to observe and understand the online cultures and social dynamics where they ultimately wish to participate, while also maintaining a working knowledge of their company’s business model and markets..” He also provides a great free e-book as a guide to social media. So before you jump in both feet and start blasting out your message as if it’s a radio ad, join in the conversation and start listening first. Only then you will be able to participate.

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