Why the Fitness Industry is Different

Why the Fitness Industry is Different

There are thousands of blogs, with millions of topics surrounding social media, social media best practices, how to start a presence, and what to do with it. But there are some problems:

  1. You don’t have the time to filter that information, and decide which is accurate, outdated, or applicable
  2. That information isn’t meant for your industry.

Each industry has it’s own set of standards, conversations, and topics. Each industry has a set of nuances that you should be taking advantage of to promote your social media pages. It’s why you shouldn’t just follow advice meant for everyone – get dedicated advice for your industry when you can.

Fitness Industry is different

Why is the Fitness Industry so different from, let’s say, retail? Here’s a few reasons:

  1. Your stories. This industry has one of the most meaningful set of stories out of any other industry. You have life changing stories. Motivational stories. Meaningful converting stories. Don’t let your current customers away without telling their stories – and take those stories into a motivational series to promote to potential customers.
  2. Your users don’t have “typical hours of operation”. Half the gyms out there have extended hours starting early, if not 24 hours. Your marketing should accommodate that. Don’t send out messages from the typical 9-5 – start them earlier in the morning. Your target demographics aren’t working out from 9-5. They are working out around that schedule, so keep that in mind when you are sharing content on your social media pages.
  3. Your business cycle. You don’t have the same peaks and falls of the retail industry. Your busiest season of the year is Q1 – and that happens to be when everyone else is typically seeing a downfall. Take advantage of that by reorganizing your budget to accommodate purchase behavior and start aggressive marketing techniques toward the middle of Q4.

Start thinking best practices for the Fitness Industry – not just Social Media Best Practices. The closer you can get to your industry, to your business, to your personality and preferences, the better off your social media presence will be.

Need help in the meantime? Take a look at our goal setting guide (for free)! And if you are looking to step up your social presence, purchase our Social Media Fit Kit, a kit designed to establish, execute, and measure an industry leading social media presence – meant specifically for, you guessed it, the fitness industry.

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