Why Twitter is important for business

Why Twitter is important for business

Businesses today have an amazing opportunity to listen to what their customers are saying about their brands and to connect with their customers online and instantaneously resolve problems. How valuable is that? As a business owner or CEO you want to know what your customers and employees think, don’t you? Log into search.twitter.com and listen in the conversation. Sure, only 11% of people in the US are on Twitter right now, but that population is growing fast.

You can also use Twitter to connect with your customers and establish followers. I started the Twitter account for Diamond Peak Ski Resort and I have over 400 followers so far. I send updates on weather, deals, events, lift status, snow conditions, etc. People want to know what’s going on. You can use Twitter to direct people to your website, increase your ecommerce, increase your email list and more. It all depends on what your goal with Twitter is. It’s just one more place online to connect with your customers. You believe in the value of your website, right? Now, it’s time to start using Twitter.

Happy Twittering!

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