Unhustle™ Your Life

Unhustle™: Tech Free Days + Experiential Activities + Healthy Food + Nature + Transformational Lifestyle Coaching to move your life and business forward.

If your life is hectic, you feel stressed out, your phone rules your life, your to-do list is longer than a Leonard Cohen song, you are ready to Unhustle™. It's time to join us at one of our Baja retreats.

Join us for 7 days and 6 nights in the small Mexican fishing village and kiteboarding mecca of La Ventana, Baja California Sur. The retreats are specifically designed to disconnect you from technology and stress and reconnect you with nature, the ocean, the raw environment of Baja, new friends and yourself with a lot of fun along the way. Through daily yoga, meditation and experiential activities, you will practice mindfulness and presence, listening skills, explore self discovery, and dive into nutrition and wellness topics while digital detoxing and enjoying a little bit of Unhustle™ in your life. You can opt in or opt out of everything on the retreat and just enjoy time to yourself while having fun.

Join us at one of our Baja Retreats in 2019. Complete website will launch Dec, 2018. Sign up to get notified and be the first to reserve a spot at the early bird rate. We have very limited space.

The Retreats

The idea for the retreats came to me on a early morning beach walk in La Ventana. Being an entrepreneur myself, I came to realize that life is more than hustling EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. During a 10 day trip to La Ventana, my husband and I decided to learn to kite. I was SCARED but curious. While connected to a kite, struggling to stay afloat (they call it bodydragging and it’s actually fun), I had my AHA MOMENT. The entire world around me came to a screeching stop. Everything became very QUIET. I noticed the SUN glistening on the water. I smelled the OCEAN. I felt my BODY floating effortlessly in the water. I was ALIVE. BREATHING. PEACEFUL. SMILING. HAPPY. Completely in a FLOW, I screamed out of the top of my lungs. This moment, I decided to change my life. We now spend the winters in La Ventana, enjoying the simple life, living in an airstream, waking up stoked every day and yes, still kiting (and still scared). 

Now, it’s your turn! We want you to experience your transformational flow over a one week long retreat. You too need to find your aha moment in a midst of chaos, find quiet in this world of information overload, slow life down, focus on what’s important in life, make changes to your life and business and simply RESET, UNHUSTLE™ and find HAPPINESS. 

Activities &

Baja is a natural outdoor playground. Kiting, hiking, mountain biking, running, swimming, snorkeling, swimming with whale sharks, SUPing, kayaking, beach walks, island exploration, yoga, meditation and more. We would have specific experiential activities planned for you, led by our experienced Baja team. Practice active listening skills, awareness, mindfulness, gratitude, inner discovery and engage in various wellness topics each day. Be as active or as mellow as you want to be. 

Optional activities include: tours to nearby towns (La Paz, Todos Santos, El Triunfo); early morning snorkeling expeditions at a secluded beach, fishing, diving, spa visits, island tours, horse back riding, farm-to-table outings, visits to local ranches, surf outings to the Pacific and more. 

Enjoy simple, fresh, healthy (mostly) organic, locally sourced food prepared on site throughout your stay or opt for a fully vegan option. Fresh seafood and fish options. Special dietary needs can be accommodated. There are plenty of local restaurants and eateries in town as well with authentic Mexican cuisine. 

Location &

All Baja retreats are located in the small fishing village of La Ventana, about 2.5 hours from Cabo San Lucas Airport, Baja Californian Sur and 45 min from La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur.  You can choose a retreat based on the theme, your schedule, group size and preferred accommodations type. We have four different accommodations to choose from, from glamping on the beach in yurts with your own bathroom, to beach houses and luxury beach front hotel/retreat center. Single and double occupancy are available. Most accommodations are right on the beach or within a short walk. Every retreat will have a different theme. 

We can also completely customize a retreat for your group or corporate outing or conduct a personal transformation retreat. 

Our lodging hosts will be able to provide recommendations and answer any local questions you may have. Your retreat organizer (that’s ME) will have your program completely outlined before you leave home. And I’ll guide you during the entire time to make sure you have a good time.

Airport transportation is available, although renting a car is also an option so you can tour the area on your own. 

Accommodations & Activities

We have four different accommodation partners with 4-12 people group size. All are beach front or short walk to the beach. Below is a sample of what to expect at the retreats. 

Morning Kayak Session
Explore the underlife of the Sea of Cortez and practice mindfulness. Photo: Christian Heeb
Count me In
Start Your Day with a Beach Walk
Enjoy an early morning walk on the beach while the sun rises from the ocean. Explore your inner wisdom for happiness. (Inspired by the founder's own experience). Photo: Christian Heeb
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Yoga with a View
Take a morning or afternoon yoga and meditation class with one of our experienced yoga teachers.
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Challenge Your Inner Warrior | Learn to Kite
Overcome your fear. A completely transformational experience that will change your life and your career.
Yes, Please
Go for a Hike in the Desert
Explore the local flora and fauna and engage in some awareness along the way. Photo: Christian Heeb
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Take Time for Self Care
Give Your Mind a Break. Photo: Casa Tara
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Relax and Get in Touch with Your Inner Self.
Made from straw bales, Casa Tara uses renewable solar energy. Restaurant, yoga shalas and spa onsite.
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Hang Out By the Pool and DayDream
Create a little bit of space between you and your business or your busy life and you will see clearly what's important for you.
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What if you could just take a few days to simply be. No to do list, no meetings, no alerts. Join a few other fellow women on the same quest in our Buena Vida Retreat. (Good Life in Spanish)
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Transformational Activities

A day excursion to La Paz to swim with the whale sharks. Although known as gentle giants, facing and swimming these giant fish is exhilarating and it takes courage (all entrepreneurs and people in general can use more courage in life). You will use 100% of your energy to swim close to them. We’ll discuss being present, movement and energy with this activity.  An optional add on to this trip, is snorkeling with sea lions and lunch on Balandra Beach, considered one of the best beaches in Mexico and the world. Provided in the whale shark outing are: snorkel gear, wet suits and refreshments;  3hrs trip.

Our local guide for this trip is Benjamin Duarte, one of the first Naturalist and Historic guides of La Paz. He has explored, worked, and studied the ocean, mountains, desert of La Paz, its surrounding towns, and different parts of Mexico for more than 20 years.

An exhilirating hike to Punta Gorda at the North end of La Ventana with expansive views of the ocean and Isla Cerralvo, Jacque Cousteau Island. Along the way, we’ll practice presence, awareness, gratitude, get to know local medicinal plants and simply take in the views and enjoy the hike. Duration: 2 hours. 

The Program

Unhustle™, Unplug, Reset, Slow Down, Simplify, and Appreciate the Present Moment. Stimulate your creativity to move your life and business forward. 

Retreat program
Photo Credit: Christian Heeb and Milena Regos

Breakfast on site:

Healthy breakfast or completely Vegan. Details TBD.  

Morning Activities:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Photography
  • SUP/Paddleboard/Kayak
  • Walk on the beach
  • Snorkeling
  • Run
  • Hike in the dessert
  • Bike ride in the dessert
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Engage in a conversation

Lunch on Site:

Healthy, locally sourced food: salads; smoothies (vegetarian and vegan options available; seafood or fresh fish options)

Afternoon Activities:

  • Kite
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Slacklining
  • Read a book
  • Juggling (it’s scientifically proven that it improves the brain)
  • ATVing
  • Wellness and optimal living discussions
  • Explore local historic sites
  • Take a nap
  • Learn how to make a margarita
  • Cooking workshop
  • Visit the spa
  • Learn Spanish
  • Human Potential Individual Coaching

5pm – Cocktail (alcoholic or not) and conversation / Recap the day and plan the next

6-7pm – Dinner 

9 – 10pm – Meditation, Conversation, Hot Tub, Read a book, Journaling, Star gazing, Sleep

Experiential Activities: 

Deeply Experiential Activities with Learning Elements and Takeaways

“Beach Fire Circle Evening + Leave Your Hectic Life Behind”

beach bonfire

Gather around a big beach bonfire the evening of your arrival. Write on a piece of paper the thing that has been stressing you out the most and state it to the group. Then offer it to the fire to dissolve. Come up with a goal you want to work on for the week. Engage in a short mindfulness practice. This ceremony kicks off the retreat.

“iNutrition Class + Building Better Habits”

Everyone needs a different diet and that’s where iNutrition comes in. Learn about cooking and herbs in a cooking class with fresh produce from the farmer’s market. Learn why diets and fads don’t work. Practice mindful eating. Adopt a nutrition lifestyle that works for you. We will buy everything we need that day.

Photo Credit: Christian Heeb. 

“Island Vision Quest + Happiness”

Take a boat trip to a pristine non inhabited Jacques Cousteau island (Isla Cerralvo).  Spend time alone in Nature in search of a personal vision – what is my reason for being or what makes me happy.  Share it with the community or use the vision quest to recharge your batteries. There will be a short discussion on the way to the island about how to achieve happiness and bliss.  A deeply transformative day with swimming, snorkeling with the sea lions on the island and lunch.

Photo Credit: Christian Heeb

“Swimming with Whale Sharks + High Performance Zone”

swimming with whale shark

No we won’t really drop down on a whaleshark. But we will snorkel and swim with them. See if you can stay present in the presence of giant whale sharks. It takes complete concentration and energy to stay close to them. Some say it’s a spiritual experience. Learn to control your breath so you don’t scare them away. Learn more about what it takes to be in High Performance Zone all the time upon completion of the trip. We can add snorkeling with sea lions and lunch on a beautiful, secluded, turquoise beach. 

“Sea of Cortez SUP and Kayak Greet the Sun Excursion + Being Present”

greet the sun sup session

Admire the sun rising from the Sea of Cortez on a SUP or a kayak. Practice being present during the outing. Observe the underwater world and take a refreshing dip in the water. Return to the beach when you are done, feeling a high level of contentment.



  • Every retreat is different and will be explained in full on the website when it goes live soon. Below are a list of activities included in the retreats but every retreat will have its own program. 
  • 6 nights, 7 days accommodations with our great hosts. We have very limited time and will sell fast. Most rooms are ocean views and most places are right on the beach. Single and double occupancy are available. 
  • Airport Transfers arriving and departing the same day.
  • Yoga/Meditation Morning/Afternoon Sessions – All Levels are Welcome.
  • Beach bonfire intention setting ceremony
  • Three healthy meals a day.  Strictly vegan meals at one of our partners. Dietary restrictions are taken into consideration. Vegetarian and pescatarian meals available. 
  • Experiential activities, workshops and discussions to optimize your life. Topics will vary based on the group’s interests and include but not limited to: self discovery, zen and other types of meditation, better habit building, nutrition, stress, sleep, personal development, supplements, wellness, digital detoxing, relationships, happiness, mindfulness, high performance zone, presence, gratitude, minimalism.  
  • Snorkeling with Whale Sharks.
  • Kayaking at Ballandra Beach, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, located in La Paz. Kayaking at La Ventana. Optional kayak trip to Isla Espiritu Santo (additional fee)
  • Spa Treatments/ Massages/Pedicures.  
  • Group excursions- ocean and dessert hikes, explore local plants, beach walks, farmer’s market outings. 
  • Group outing to El Triunfo (an authentic Mexican village in the mountains with lots of history) with lunch included. 
  • Cooking classes.
  • Hot tub.
  • SUP. 
  • Noodling, snorkeling and kayaking. 
  • Rock painting. 
  • Swimming with seals. 
  • Snorkeling. 
  • Mountain biking. 
  • Local guides to explore desert nature, history and culture of the Baja Peninsula. 
  • Hikes to native historical sites with painting and rock carvings. 
  • Photography workshops. 
  • Networking – you will meet some cool, like minded people like yourself. 
  • Gift bag to Welcome you and prepare you for your stay and a successful retreat. 
  • Books to read during the retreat related to wellbeing, happiness, nutrition, yoga, meditation, etc.
  • Airfare to Cabo San Lucas or La Paz
  • Alcohol – outside of what we provide. 
  • Spa Treatments in addition to what we provide 
  • Optional Activities – Anything you decide to do on your own: kite lessons, mountain bike rentals, farm-to-table excursions in addition to what the retreat includes, Todos Santos outing, surf trip, La Paz excursion, diving, fishing, boating, wakeboarding, yoga classes at other places in town. 
  • Gratuity
  • Airport taxes
  • Additional Nights Accommodation

This is a digital detox and human potential retreat and it is our goal to make sure you leave here refreshed and renewed. However, the occasional drink of choice is OK with us if you are able to perform at your best the next day and have a clear mind. It is Mexico after all. Just don’t overdo it.

This is different from any other retreat you’ve been to. We will include a yoga and meditation session each day but emphasis is on digital detox and human potential development with special activities during the day. You can be as active or as mellow as you want to be. It takes a commitment to disconnect from your phone and we get it. 

Glad you asked! We dare you to leave  your smartphone and any other technology with us at the beginning of the retreat and pick it up at the end. Special gift to whoever does this for the entire duration of the retreat. You can put our phone numbers and emails for emergency situations. If you absolutely need to check in, you can have your phone back for 30 min a day. But ultimately, it’s up to you if you are serious about digital detoxing. Bring a regular camera so you can take pictures or if need be, set up your phone or airplane mode and use it as a camera. Seriously, smartphones are bad for your brain (this is scientifically proven) and we want you to give your brain a little break while with us. Do a test before the retreat and see if you can do a digital detox for one day (maybe Sunday?). Tell us how it went.  

Some of us live in Baja full time and some for 4-6 months of the year. We haven’t felt unsafe. That being said, it’s always wise to be cautious when traveling and check with your local embassy for the latest travel advisory. There’s a great article about Baja safety worth reading if you are worried. 

How to Get Here

Have any questions or suggestions: milena@milenaregos.com

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We are working on launching the full website for the retreats with a target of Dec, 2018. Don't miss new updates about the retreats and new locations coming soon in the US. Next Destination: Lake Tahoe

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Milena Regos Photography.